Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Little Things Mean a Lot..

So recently I put my traveloholic shoes on again and headed to Paris. It was great coz this year one of my goals was to learn a new language and I am currently learning French so it was a chance for me to practise...I was able to order some things and get around but hearing the native French people talk I realised I still have a long way to go until I get to the point where I can speak like a real French dame. :-)

Anyway whilst I was there amidst eating lovely breads and croissants, I learnt a thing or two about being grateful for the small things. Paris is a beautiful city; the magnificent buildings, great historical tales, lovely scenery, beautiful French language and the River Seine is a lovely addition to the whole mix.


And then of course you have the whole romantic aspect of it as an icing on the cake. But there is one tiny detail that I observed that surprised me...
There are hardly any lifts or escalators in the metro/subway, shops or even at most of the tourist sites...and I was baffled as to how the elderly and disabled people get around in that city. Mothers with babies have to be constantly carrying their children's prams and buggies on long flights of stairs. Travellers are lugging around huge pieces of luggage as their aching arms beg for mercy.

In a first world country which has so much going for it, I think that is such a terrible oversight on the part of the city planners, mayors or the powers that be in that city/country. In our modern world of equal opportunities for all, a city should make it a priority that every kind of person despite their circumstances can get around easily without hindrances.
It made me realise that even though us Londoners complain about rare train delays or the faulty air con on the bus, we have so much to be grateful for.

Hhhm good question....

You don't know how good you have it until you sample what's on the other side of the fence. So I'm grateful for my home city and the little things that we have like lifts or escalators in our stations and shops, clean drinking water, a constant electricity supply, accessible well equipped health care facilities, food supply, jobs, hot water, wifi and being able to connect with people like you (worldwide) who I don't even know... I am grateful for my husband, my family, friends, a home of our own, a home church ... the list is endless. Boys to Men were on point when they sang ..."little things mean a lot, appreciate what you've got..."

Develop a heart of gratitude
Often when we are grateful, we cause an atmosphere of praise to develop in our lives. And God inhabits or lives in the praises of his people. And we know that with God's presence comes abundance.

Therefore we can suppose that being grateful will bring even more blessings our way. We all know that it's those friends and family members who always say a big thank you that we are always willing to do more for, than the grumpy ones who always moan and complain about things not being good enough.

What are you grateful for today?

Life may not be going the way we want right now, but lets cultivate a heart of gratitude...after reading this write down a list (minimum 5 things) that you want to thank God for and tell Him.

Great habits bring great results...See if you can do this every morning when you wake up and I guarantee that this habit will put you in such a great frame of mind to start your day.



  1. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our issues, that we are not grateful for many privileges.

  2. So true, it takes a conscious decision to make it a point to always show gratitude.

  3. True post. Greatfulness is flowing form my heart.

  4. Nice post, I'll try this for a couple of days, its always good to be thankful for what have because it could really be worse. Life is easier when one has the heart of gratitude. Stress and all would be soooo little.
    ps: I would love to learn to speak french, hopefully one day

  5. blessings....
    I am grateful everyday, even when its a challenging day i seek to see the blessing and know that despite things at times being unfavorable i am indeed blessed.

    have a fabulous week.

  6. Paris doens't have a elevators and lifts? I'm actually shocked. The city is on my to-do list but seriously, how do people get around?

    I'm thankful for everything. We do tend to take a lot of things for granted and yea, welcome back too *hugs*

  7. Then i'll wake up with the food i ate and smiles, cause i thanked God for it>>
    Lord help me to be more grateful
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  8. blessings,...
    Just stopped in to say a quick hello and to wish you a splendid week


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