Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Celebrity I almost shook hands with...

Right...if you were concerned about my absence you can stop worrying now...I am OK...I wasn't abducted by aliens or anything. :-) If you were not concerned...well that's a topic for another post :) 
Now this month has been rather busy...firstly I celebrated my birthday ...err in true GG "paint the town red style" of course. I really thank God for another year...He has been so good to me...
My birthday was awesome...hubby made sure I was pampered with breakfast in bed, beautiful flowers and a dining experience fit for a Queen like myself. Not only that but he got me a very beautiful gadget which I'd had my eye on for a while. So for that and many other reasons I am a happy wife and a happy wife equals a happy home. :-)

As if celebrating yours truly's birthday was not time consuming enough...I also had the pleasure of going to 4 weddings. It was great seeing friends walk down the aisle without having to wonder when it would be my turn. (quite a welcome post marital sensation) However I think in a teeny weeny small way I may also be adopting something I have called "weddings analyst syndrome". (the condition were newly weds , like myself, cant help but analyse things at weddings and see how they compare with what they had at theirs and if they see something cool...wonder why they didn't think of it) Hubby says I should just enjoy the weddings and forget centrepiece and cake analysis. He says if I don't stop soon, he will get me professional help. Lol
The weddings were great but tiring in a sense because it entailed going up and down the country for all these events. Nonetheless they were all beautiful and it was lovely to see people who had trusted God for partners finally get joined to their hunks and hunkettes. 

So after all these weddings were over I thought maybe that was it...but there was still one more bit of excitement lined up...It so happened that I ended up attending a service were Donnie Mcclurkin was ministering. Now for those of you who don't know who he is...he's an American gospel artist. Now prior to attending this worship service I had been feeling a little drained spiritually and I was praying for God to refresh and revive my Spirit and enable me to spend more time with Him. Well it was like that worship service was the answer to my prayer. It was just what the spiritual doctor had ordered. I had an amazing time in God's presence and I can say that the person that came out of church that afternoon was definitely not the same person who had entered that morning. I had had an amazing encounter with God and in my mind I knew that I wanted to do nothing less than be someone who seeks after God wholeheartedly aka The God Chaser. 

Now after the service, I was waiting for someone in the foyer minding my own business when who should I see walking in the direction of where I was...none other than Donnie himself. I smiled at him and he smiled and waved at us as he headed towards the door where his car was waiting for him. Then a girl asked if he could sign her CD which he gladly did. Then another girl asked if he could take a photo with her. He said sure and they took a pic together. I thought to myself ...I want a picture would make a cool Facebook profile pic...but it seemed like I was suffering from the Ice Cream effect. I was frozen and couldn't move. Also I was worried that maybe his bodyguard would say no...sorry no more pictures. So because of that I did nothing. Then I watched as another young guy asked for a picture...and snap!... they took one together. Then I thought he's taken pictures with two people, let me step forward...but just at that point...I heard them more heart sank. I scolded myself...why had I hesitated? I had seen him before all these other people came on the scene but I didn't have the guts to just ask.  Logic had stopped me...I had told myself he won't take pictures with people, he's probably in a rush since his car is waiting. I also thought his bodyguard would probably ask me to step aside. But I wish like those other three bold people I had exercised child like faith and just asked reminded of the fact that often logic gets in the way when someone is expecting a healing breakthrough, financial breakthrough, career breakthrough or any other breakthrough. We give logical reasons why these things are are unlikely to ever come true and sometimes miss out on what is rightfully ours.
Instead lets do as the bible says...ask...dare to believe and you shall receive. :-)



  1. Eeya. sorry o. I am seeing Donnie this December. Don't know if I'll have the opportunity to take pictures with him sha.

  2. Blessings......and belated happy birthday
    A smile is a beautiful acknowledgment. I am sure he appreciated you respecting his privacy though it was prompted by the "ice cream" effect.


  3. Blessings...
    Just ducking in and touching base to see how you are. Hope all is well and life is treating you kind.

  4. Happy belated birthday! It's more than belated now sef lol. Our minds have a way of making us think the worst. You'll never know unless you try. I really hope that next time you'll follow your heart and not logic.


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