Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Excitement in the Air

I know its a bit late...but happy new year to you all...hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year celebration. Mine was great, spent time with my family and hubby's family too, lots of good food, great it was all smiles on this end.

So with the new year comes the desire to start afresh, set goals, make plans... you know the usual stuff we do when we are still excited about the new year. If you haven't made any plan for the new year...don't wait to long...we are already in the middle of January...get started!
Maybe these questions might help you come up with a few basic things to consider...

As I prayed and made plans for the new year, I got so excited because I have such high expectations for this year. Last year I was kind of in laid back mode because it was my first year of being married and I wanted to get used to all that and settle into marriage and our new home. Now that I am all settled in and happy... :-) I feel that I am ready to take on the world.

This year one of the main things for me is that I really want to focus a lot on my writing and see where God will take that. I also have a business idea in mind which I am going to start researching and see if that is something that could be feasible for me to embark on.
I also want to be a God Chaser in the true sense of the word...I want my spiritual walk to be the best it has ever been. :-)
As some of you may know I am a "travelaholic" and with that in mind I will be planning a few trips here and there with hubby and friends to see some new sights. Last year I only visited two countries compared to the previous year when I went to six countries. So this year by the grace of God I wanna improve on last year's record. :-) The first trip is coming up soon and I am excited as this will be my first holiday in Northern Africa...For those wanting to travel or book hotels you may wanna consider for very good deals. You can thank me later! :-)

My philosophy for 2014
I have other goals and plans which I may choose to share in the future but for now those are some of the things I am looking forward to this year. :-)

At the end of last year the world lost a truly remarkable man...Nelson Mandela, who thankfully I had the privilege of meeting and shaking hands with in South Africa in 1996. (Yay!!! It was an exciting I will always treasure) I know I am a bit late in saying all this but may we learn a lesson from his philosophy of forgiving as this goes a long way in making our world a better place. Whatever it is that may have happened in the past..lets not be like Emily Thorne in the American TV show Revenge and be out to get them
Don't let the hurt consume you....let go and let God. As the saying goes..."Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."
I know that there were many tributes done for Mandela but this one was by favourite... enjoy

Wishing you all the best in 2014


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