Tuesday, 26 November 2013

If you graze like a cow, you'll look like a cow...

It was my birthday last month and I indulged...yes I ate more than my fair share and my clothes didn't hesitate to make me aware of that awful fact.
Summer is gone in my neck of the woods (but it will be back again next year....I hope)
But in the meantime for those in parts of the world were its summer now or people like me who are always looking for the next place in the sun to visit on holiday... most people will be gearing up for BBQ's, beach and pool parties and other such shindigs. Even if u aren't jetting off into the sun...Christmas parties and New Year events will soon be knocking on your door (unless u live in hibernation lol) Now you want to be looking good as you go out for a little this and that. Can I get a yeah yeah? Now looking good is not necessarily being skinny enuff to resemble a pencil but you can also be "thick" and still be healthy, fit and look good. Yes even a big behind is certainly an asset...if in doubt ask Kim Kardashian!
I always tell people that thin does not  necessarily = good health afteral slim people can also have high cholesterol or heart attacks if they are not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is a result of these different factors:

*what you eat
*how much exercise you get
*getting enough sleep
*cutting stress out of your life
*and maybe to some extent your genes

Eating lots of processed and junk food is no laughing matter,  (I was a culprit but am learning to do better...I need to stay away from white choc and cookies Hershey bars!!) in the long run it can lead to your clothes "shrinking" and hugging your body mercilessly. The other day I bumped into someone I know but hadn't seen for a while. When she greeted me, at first I had no idea who she was, the girl had more than doubled in size. Then as I looked at her closely I realised who she was. I had to quickly close my gaping mouth, put on an act better than Angelina Jolie and hide the look of shock on my face.

Note to self: never allow myself to expand like an inflatable balloon. It was a reminder of what can happen when we neglect the important things in life. Another problem with eating junk food is that it can lead to all sorts of nasty diseases which sometimes in the long run can prove be to be fatal.

God wants us to live life abundantly. He wants us to be healthy and well so that we can fulfil our destinies here on earth. As Christians our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit and we should treat them as such. So that idea of just chucking anything we see in our mouth should be dead and
buried. (note to myself...those cakes need to be issued a deportation notice from my house)

Lets develop a friendship with plants. Yeah lets eat greens like they are on sale, lets give rabbits a run for their money. As we do, our energy levels will increase, we will feel good and in the process drop some pounds.
You don't have to embark on some miserable diet, just incorparating healthy foods into your meals and keeping your portions modest will do the trick. Below is a list of some foods that are great for us and should be included in our regular diet:

Veggies esp broccoli, tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet potato
Leafy greens e.g Spinach and Kale
Beans..black, red kidney, adzuki
Oily Fish eg wild salmon, mackerel
Fruits especially Apples, berries,
Nuts eg walnuts, almonds
Grains..e.g brown rice, bulgur wheat

As we eat well and get a bit of exercise here and there, we will be able to look good in our fashion "must haves" and know that we are repping all the way!

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