Friday, 29 July 2011

Mother in Law's unforgettable deed...

I have learnt of late that we never really know what kind of people we are until we are put in a stressful position or find ourselves under pressure. It is in those times that the real us surfaces....

I heard an interesting story yesterday and I wondered what we would all do if we found ourselves in this situation...this really happened in Naija land....

"Your mum in law is visiting and staying with you, your husband and your 6 month old baby girl. After a long day at work, you get home and find that your mother-in- law has given your baby 3 LONG TRIBAL MARKS on each side of the cheek without telling you!!! What would you do?" And from what I understand they cannot be removed....

...I dont know about you but I know I would definitely freak out, to what extent I'm not sure ...but I guess as Christians we need to always remember that the bible says to forgive those who have wronged us...but hey...this is one tough pill to swallow...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Secret about Money

How can I get more money?
Oh how I wonder,

Where does all my money go?
Oh how I wonder.

One minute my bank account is overflowing and threatening to burst,

The next minute, it's sending out SOS signals for aid.

The Jones next door are making me sweat,

Trying to keep up with them is no easy task,

They've got a new ride, with alloys shining and the horse power of a thousand horses,

"Isn't it wicked? Isn't it sick?" The boys on the street shout as it goes past.

End of season SALE, red stickers are like magnets,

As the search for a bargain, gets the better of me.

I try to hold on to my Benjamins, but like a slippery eel they make their getaway.

Someone once said, the best way to have money,

Is to give some to God and spend a little,

Give some to others and save a chunk.

Then Apple will come along with their new iPot ... yes that's right, iPot.

The sleek pot that lets you cook, take pictures and listen to music all in one handy appliance.

I ask I really need it?

But then again every one's got one, so before long I join the crowd.

No wonder then, the holes in my pocket increase.

Someone once said, the best way to have money,

Is to give some to God and spend a little,

Give some to others and save a chunk.


Then there's the gambling gurus that want to put their hand in my pocket,

"Place your bets," the man shouts,

Machines glistening with coins, poker tables and  betting on who will win Big Brother,

Even the State Lottery keeps calling me,

Surely one day my luck will come and my number will be called.

I wonder.

Someone once told me a secret about how to handle money,

Give some to God and spend a little,

Give some to others then save a chunk.

Part 2

Money is NOT the root of all evil BUT "...the LOVE of money is the root of all evil." (1 Tim 6:10)

To keep ourselves from lusting after money and becoming greedy, we need to cultivate a heart of giving. Not just giving to the church but to those in need and less fortunate than ourselves. Once this becomes ingrained in our hearts, God can give us lots more because we become a river of blessing flowing from abundance and into the hearts and lives of others.

Lately there has been a lot of talk and emails circulating involving Pastors all over the world and their lavish use of money. I respect many Preachers world wide and have been blessed by many of them but there is a new trend which is emerging which makes me cringe everytime the topic of money comes up. You only have to tune into some of the Christian channels and see the show and pomp in some churches and you will be amazed.

Now I know that the Bible does say that God delights in His people prospering (Psalm 35:27) but at the same time I think the whole money issue is now beginning to get a bit pear shaped in some Churches of God. People are turning their focus from God to unshamedly chasing after money. 

Is it right that any Tom, Dick and Harry who feels like it can just open a church and start calling for offerings for this and pledges for that...? Is it right that a Man of God should have several cars and a jet whilst some members of his congregation cannot afford to pay their rent?

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