About Me

Writing writing writing...oh how I love it....like Michael Jackson said, "it's just another part of me"... I love to air my views and rant about all sorts and what better way to do it than to blog.

I like all things fabulous and I'm not afraid to try new things...yeah like new clothes, new shoes, u get the jist.
I loooove meeting new people and I reckon I'm a pretty good friend but don't take my loyalty for granted coz you'll soon be singing "Got till it's gone" like Janet Jackson...
Ok...enuff about the Jacksons...
I'm hopelessly head over heels in love with God, vanilla ice cream, shoes, afro hair, orange and fuschia, weddings & chick flicks. :-)
If u wanna drop me a line u can do so at gospelgirl.uk@gmail.com

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