Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Gifted for Glory

Over the years as I've read biographies, memoirs and watched the lives of people around me, I've been amazed at how God has given us all different gifts to use for His glory and to have a positive impact on the world. Some people have a curious mind which has led them to explore things and invent all sorts of gadgets and medicines. Some people are creative and have penned many a book or sang songs which have brought comfort and hope to many. One of my favourite biographies is that of a man who God gave an incredible gift which has helped to save many lives. And that man is non other than, Ben Carson.

Ben Carson is the boy that went from being the biggest class dummy at school to being a world famous neuro surgeon. His mother not knowing how to help him, despaired over his academic failures in school. She wanted him to be successful and she knew that a good education would open doors to opportunities but she didn't know how she could motivate him until she studied how rich people behaved. She worked as a house maid for wealthy families and began studying how her employers and their children spent their free time; what they read and their kind of leisure activities. The most notable thing was they hardly watched television. Instead they read alot. That's not to say people should necessarily throw their TVs out the window, but consider for a minute, how many hours a week do you spend on things that do not really add to you in terms of knowledge or mental stimulation? (unless you're a nature fan and watching the Geographical Channel...which I know most of us don't.)

Its not to say that you shouldn't have any fun but if you're serious about becoming a great success at something, you'll have to pay a price. Managing your time will have to be a priority. It may mean cutting down on the time you spend watching TV, trawling through people's profiles on Facebook, playing video games, reading celebrity orientated magazines talking about nothing what Katie did next...duh who cares? Most of these people have very immoral lifestyles and there is nothing of significance that we can learn or even admire from them. One thing to bear in mind is those people have made their money, we should stop wasting our time gawking after them and handle our business...Selah.

When Ben Carson was 14, his temper made him almost hurt one of his friends fatally with a knife and led him to pray a prayer that brought him closer to God. He became a serious and committed child of God.

After he graduated from High School he got a place at Yale university to study medicine. When he was at Yale, despite all his efforts and determination, he started slipping in his classes until he was getting the lowest marks in his class. Ben was in despair but never gave up, but he sought God's face and prayed the night before one of his exams saying, "Lord I thought you wanted me to be a doctor and I can't be one since I'm failing." God showed him in a dream what was going to come out in the exam and lo and behold he managed to pass his exams.

Ben met his wife Candy in his third year at Yale and later they got married and have 3 children together.
Over the years Ben has been involved in a series of challenging neuro surgical operations including the separation of many Siamese twins who were attached to each other by their heads. Some of these included Patrick and Benjamin Binder from Germany and also Joseph and Luka Banda of Zambia.

The man was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom by George Bush. Now if that's not an achievement, I don't know what is. 
Ben Carson has been awarded many other awards and numerous honorary degrees. He has also been invited by many institutions, organisations and schools to give talks and one of the things he always talks about is his "THINK BIG" concept :

Talent. God gives everyone a gift. Everyone is good at something, it could be sport, singing etc
Honesty. Integrity is key for one to be successful in life
Insight.   You learn from the mistakes and successes of others.
Nice. Be nice to people, if you see someone down give them a hand. Offer a seat to someone,
Knowledge.  Develop you talents. What you know can help you get ahead.

Books.  One of the greatest sources of information
In depth learning. Learn for the sake of getting knowledge, don't cram
God. Living by His word and principles can help us to be more effective and useful to people around us.

Let us all endeavour to THINK BIG and be the best that we can be and use our gifts for God's glory.

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  1. the Ben Carson story is one i can never get tired of reading. its so inspiring.

    *i reali like yhur blog...theres always something interesting to bury ma nose into here*kip it up*


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