Thursday, 27 August 2009

Being not so young and be or not to be that is the question?

I’ve heard many single folk (both male and female) say that they hate going to Singles events(Christian or non Christian) and they wouldn’t be caught dead there (or alive). I am not sure what the real reason behind this is, but for some they seem to view such events as a “hunting ground” and therefore do not want the added pressure of possibly "pairing up" at such an event. For some they merely fear being considered desperate. Then there is the daunting task of going to weddings, dinner parties and other gatherings alone or with your single friends who you have been hanging around with forever.

It appears that being a single person whether divorced, never married or widowed somehow seems to carry some unwritten social stigma. It’s almost made to seem like a bad disease which should be treated as soon as possible by getting married. Some people even regard one as a failure until they have a hubby/wife and a couple of rugrats in the backseat of car. I’ve heard of well meaning family members that like to ask questions like , “So when are you getting married?” to which most singles would answer, “When I meet the right man or woman?” to which Auntie X would be so quick to reply, “Well you better hurry up because you’re not getting any younger you know.” Gee thanks Aunty, like they don’t already know this simple fact which they’re reminded of every time another birthday rolls around.Hmm.
Let me say this...Peeps,just because you are single it doesnt mean there is anything wrong with you...dont believe the hype! You are fearfully and wonderfully made and God loves you in your very situation. Have fun, pray and maintain an active social life...God will do the rest in His time!!!

Most people desire to be married one day because marriage is a great blessing but while waiting for marriage let the joy of being Single flow through your very bones. Woooaa! Pray that God will help you to be content at the place you are at. I believe that everyone has an assignment for every season in their life and for you as a single person it might be to be the best single person for God there is. Seek Him and find out what He wants you to do with your life in the meantime. And I just encourage every one of my Single peeps that if you have put your life on hold till you get married...STOP! You need to start living life NOW.

Now I know that being Single has its downs and yes being human means that we have feelings and yes I know once in a while we feel lonely and we want to have that special person to go home to and snuggle up to...and we’ll stop there... but there’s so many other positives to being Single. heard me...lots of positives...and you should enjoy every moment as much as you can because once you get married ...well it will be a different ball game altogether.

Just for fun here's a few things that should bring a small but significant smile on your face....Being single means that:

1)You have plenty of time to develop your relationship with God. Now I know many of us have probably heard this said so many times and blah blah blah...been there done that, got the t-shirt and all that jazz ....but really think about it. You can give your undivided attention to God without worrying about spending time with a spouse or children. You can wake up anytime of the night and pray or sing as loud as you want without worrying about waking up your husband/wife, you can also get involved in church ministry without the undivided responsibility of family life.

2)You don’t have to make decisions with anyone else... (well other than God that is) in simple terms you are the king of the castle. (or queen for the feminists of this world)

3)If you choose to travel around the world for a year, that’s fine as long as your pocket can pick up the bill, if you want to give a million to the don’t have to answer to anyone about such generosity...

4)You can basically eat whatever you like for supper; a sandwich an orange or whatever thy taste buds desire without worrying about anyone else, you can get home whatever time you want and you don’t have to check with anybody if that’s ok.
5)You don’t have to share the bathroom with anyone or pick up after anybody other than yourself. Also you do half the laundry, half the ironing that you would have to do if you were married. Now aint that a peach! :-)

Now there are those who are called to a life of Independence and have no desire whatsoever to get married, that’s fine too if that’s what you want. People should not think you are strange or weird, it’s simply a choice.

Finally for those who dream of a trip down the aisle one day: Learn all you can about marriage, what it is and its purpose, also pray and stay positive ... and of course mingle ...!!! Lastly like Joyce Meyer always says “enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going!”

P.S Don’t forget to send me a wedding invitation when your time comes!

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