Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year - Planning for the year ahead

I hope you all had a great time "eating and being merry" over the festive season. And hopefully as you exchanged gifts, I hope you remembered that Jesus is the reason for the season. God already gave us the best gift. "... His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16. Its therefore up to you to accept God's gift and accept Jesus as Saviour of your life if you haven't done so already.

Now that Christmas is behind us and we have entered a New Year and a new decade, many are making plans and setting goals for the year ahead. It's good practice to make written plans and set goals. The bible teaches us to "Write the vision and make it plain..." Habbakuk 2:2. However we need to remember to include God in our goal setting and planning.

Since the beginning of this year, I have been asking God, what is your will for my life for 2010? What is it you wish to accomplish through my life? I am praying and entrusting my ideas and desires to God and searching the word to see if I am in line with his will. Prov 3:4-6 says to "Commit your ways to the Lord...." The Lord has good plans for our life as Jeremiah tells us in Chapter 29 vs11, so we need his direction as we plan for our future.
Once I am convinced that the desires and plans I have are God's will for me, I'm going to go for them with full steam ahead.

I believe that whatever God starts he will finish, so lets make sure whatever we start, we do so with God on our side because only then can we be guaranteed of his provision and his help. May 2010 be your year of the Lord's greatest blessing and favour and may you accomplish great things in His name.

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