Friday, 29 January 2010

Looking groovy: Fashionable but Questionable!

I'll bet you all love to look good. (Men and women alike...though I know the ladies will identify more on this one) Yeah you know we all like to wear the stunning trendy outfits, have great accessories to go with them and oh yes the shoes and bag....need I say more..?
Well over the last few weeks God has been dealing with me about writing this post and I struggled beacuse I didn't realy want to and I kept thinking it might not go down too well with peeps but He continued to deal with me about it and well obedience ... here we are...

Over Christmas, one of my gifts was a lovely pair of olive green and tan coloured ear rings (similar to the ones in the picture but different colour) I was thrilled to get these earrings because I thought they were lovely and would go with my greenish outfits. I really couldn't wait to wear them. However as I was putting them away I noticed the name of the ear rings on the tag.... Dreamcatcher. My heart almost skipped a beat. I had heard this name mentioned before, a few years ago whilst listening to a preacher give a talk on dodgy symbols and the Occult.

Apparently the dreamcatcher is supposed to be something that was started by the Native Indians to control dreams. It is supposed to help you have good dreams and keep the bad ones out. Really? And my question is how does it do that? Has it got special powers or something? I don't know but all I can say is on all the websites I've tried to find out more about it, they all seem to be associated with psychics, eastern religions, and other dodgy sounding stuff. There are many websites that talk about the Dreamcatcher legend but I just got one and you can find out more on the website below.

Although my earrings were slightly different from the original dreamcatcher with the feathers they are all made in the same weaving manner and they have the same name. Who knows if that has any significance, maybe it didn't but I had no peace after that and I wasn't willing to take any chances so I got rid of the earrings. (just in case the same spirit operates within them.) Now I know some of you might think come on... they are just earrings but hey I think it goes deeper than that and I'd rather be safe than sorry. I don't want to invite trouble into my life.

I have become selective about what I buy...and I 'm always amazed at people buying clothes for their children with statements like "here comes trouble" or "Rebel." It may seem innocent but by letting them wear that you're speaking and confessing those statements over your child and surely you don't want them to be a rebel now do you? I was talking to a woman in my church about this and she was telling me that she never buys clothes for herself or her children with symbols or writing that she can't read or doesn't understand. She said for all you know you could be wearing something thats cursing you. I totally agree with her, I for one don't like t-shirts, caps, trainers or jackets with funny symbols or pictures of snakes, dragons and so on. Now you may say its just a brand logo but oh let me tell you the owners of some of these brands are working with the enemy and you don't want any part in it. Because the minute you have those things in your house you have given them a port of entry into your life. Therefore all I can say is prayerfully make your day to day purchases asking the Holy Spirit to guide you and if you feel doubtful about anything don't. It may sound silly and too spiritual but pray over whatever you have or buy, that if there is anything dodgy may the Spirit of God deal with it.

Guys this isn't meant to scare anyone but the war we fight is real and remember it isn't against flesh and blood...there's a lot more I could say about clothes and fashion but we'll save it for another post and oh on that note... happy shopping!

I also came across this website that sells dreamcatcher brand stuff from fashion, art to music. Hhmmm I think I'll stick to Amazon.


  1. very true. There are so many funny symbols that are on clothes lately. Most common being the different kinds of the cross you find in jewellery, T-Shirts, etc. Most people confuse them for the real cross but some of them are the symbols of devil worshippers. Unfortunately some of these labels that we buy the money is used to finance the kingdom of darkness. Just be sure of what you wearing.

  2. You're right Simi. We just have to be discerning and pray for the Holy Spirit's leading in all that we do.


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