Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Very Chocolatey Easter

 Easter is just round the corner and I thought it would be appropriate for me to re-post this from one of my other old posts on another website......

I love chocolate. So do a lot of other people, although they probably wont admit it in public. Personally I prefer the delectable taste of white chocolate (I have this belief that it has more calcium than its darker counterparts. LOL) Imagine that sweet, divine taste of gooey white, milk and dark chocolate tantalising your taste buds. Every bite so heavenly as the soft, creamy taste satisfies your senses.... Oops... let me not get carried away, back to the issue at hand.

This Easter there's an even wider range of Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter chicks and other interesting characters which the commercially driven manufacturers have created to entice and dazzle our gullible minds. These all probably taste as great as they look in their pretty packaging, but its not the taste or the look thats nagging me.
Its the fact that Easter has now merely become a time for indulging on chocolate, a string of meaningless parties and celebration and a well needed break from work for many. Dont get me wrong I'm not against having good fun and time from work is always a plus in my book, but I think we need to really reflect on what Easter is really all about.

Some of the modern traditions of Easter such as the Easter Bunny and its accomplices all stem from pagan traditions and so we should not get too caught up in the hype and forget what the hype is all about.
Easter is and should be a time of celebration as we commemorate the dying and rising from the dead, of
the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I know you might not believe in Jesus and this might all be as strange to you, as Calculus and Greek are to me, but hear me out.

God loves us all so much that He sent His only Son to die for us. But it doesnt end there. Easter Sunday is a celebration of His glorious and triumphant resurrection, signifying His victory over sin and death. This victory has now been given to all those who have surrendered their lives to Him and we should
celebrate this day knowing that for all those who believe in him and live for Him, death is not the end for us, but like Him, we shall also resurrect and be with Him forever.

So as we indulge and enjoy ourselves, lets spread the true Word of Hope to a hurting and lost world. Lets share the message of His love with those around us. Lets demonstrate to them the Love of God in our own lives.
If you havent done so already, I encourage you to let Jesus come into your heart and let this Easter
mark the beginning of a new life in Him.

And so folks if any of you do get any Easter eggs or other
sweet delights, enjoy them (in moderation of course) and have a safe and wonderful Easter.
Finally my bros and girlies in Christ- Lets pray for that resurrection power to be at work in every area of our lives. We have the victory. LeTS wALk iN iT!!!

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