Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas is Almost Here...

Christmas rocks. Yup, the Christmas carols, nativity plays, decorations, the music, lights and so on. It's my favourite time of the year and I guess many people can relate.
Last Christmas was great, we had a lovely family Christmas. Ate, danced, twas good. The one before was lovely as well. I have a video from that one, of myself and one of my BFFs singing "Santa Baby" with our stuffed bellies looking like they are about to pop. I would have shared the video but she would kill me so...I have to pass on that... *grin*

Anyway I asked some kids what Christmas was all about and here's what they said, "Santa, turkey, presents, reindeer, elves, playing games and watching movies." Ok so Santa may be cool and all that when you're a child but kids need to move beyond this. (though in my case I always knew he wasn't real; I never questioned the grown ups about it, I just figured it was a great way to get gifts. How can children even believe that a big fat Santa can fit through a chimney anyway?)

Not one of the children I asked about Christmas even mentioned Jesus. It's not surprising in this day and age, so many children live in homes where their parents never ever talk about God or anything mildly religious.
I think we need to share the biblical story of Christ's birth with as many children as possible otherwise we will have a generation coming after us who will have no inclination of the truth whatsoever. Take your kids, your nephews and nieces, your friends' kids, your neighbours' kids and any other kids you know to Sunday school, Nativity plays, carols for kids. Also when you buy them presents on top of getting them Nintendo Wii, PS3 and whatever else is hype these days also try to include things that will teach them the truth of God's words. There's plenty of stuff out there and it doesn't have to be can get games, interactive books, DVDs and so on.

A lady I know said she always buys Christmas cards with nativity scenes as opposed to ones with snow and Santa as she says they detract from the real meaning of Christmas. All I can say is do what works for you as long as you try and do your little bit.
 So as we tighten our dancing shoes and get our parteee on, lets share and remind everyone the real meaning of Christmas and above all folks lets remember to stay safe. For now enjoy this video ... I thought it was so cool I just had to share it...


  1. I agree with you about sharing the story of the birth of Jesus with every kid we spend quality time with..
    the video made me smile and smile, kudos to who ever worked that out ..
    thanks for sharing..

  2. Great ideas!

    I tend to avoid the whole santa, snowmen stuff just because it's already so overemphasized (especially with children as you point out), and I try to focus more on Christ with decorations and cards whenever helps in reminding people about the real meaning of Christmas.

    Michelle :)

  3. @OluSimeon
    Thanks. :) I loved the video as well. It's great innit ... some people are so so creative!
    The only thing that's missing in the video is Mary or Joseph blogging about the birth or
    Thanks and it's great to see you here again after your break from blogging. Have a lovely Christmas. x

  4. Waouh, great post and thank you for sharing the video, it's the best video I've seen all year!!!

  5. @Waiki I loved the video as well, I just had to share :)
    Thanks for RT.

  6. this is a very serious issue. Christains may need to get drastic and take materialism out of Christmas...n stop calling it x-mas or anything this x.
    Will watch vid when i have real internet.

  7. i enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing it... am gonna share it wit my friends.
    hope u r ok ?

  8. Thanx Chizzy and Rainjoy for your comments.
    @Chizzy I agree with ya gal.
    @RJ I'm well. Yeah the video is fantastic isn't

  9. I agree with you! I had a similar convo with some friends a few weeks first I thought that my friends were exaggerating...because like you, I always knew santa was fake while growing up...and we had the Christmas plays and teachings in church...but now n days...santa, reindeers, and snow has taking ova! I went to the store yesterday to buy some Christmas items and I couldn't find anything religious...and then it hit me!!!

  10. @Blessing It is a growing issue isn't it?
    But as long as are aware of it and start doing something about it, I think we can help to improve the situation.
    Have a lovely Christmas


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