Friday, 31 December 2010

I am a Survivor!

Hey people, hope you all had a good Christmas...mine was a blast. Spending time with loved ones is always a plus for me. Plus Santa was nice to me, I guess I'd been a good girl so I did get the Nintendo Wii I wanted. So next year I'm gonna be as fit as a fiddle by the time I'm done with Wii Fit.I've been playing tennis on Wii sport and all of a sudden I feel like a pro (reality check definitely needed..*note to self, it's virtual*) Anyway I was thinking that Serena and Venus need to look out coz there's a new chick in town. Wimbledon here I come...* iWish *

For those who don't know me too well,  there's two things I'm fond of : Nandos Restaurant and Next (the clothes shop). I know some peeps don't like Next, they say they never find anything cool there but I always seem to get all my best wedding and party dresses from there and other bits and bobs. I guess those closest to me know that when they get stuck with gifts for me, a Next gift card always does the trick. This year I even got a Nandos gift card as this chick is in for a treat. :) Anyway soon after Christmas, the sales usually kick in and people head to the stores with gift cards and bonuses to spend. If u know much about sales in the UK, you know there's not many sales like the Next sale. It's in a different league altogether...

I love my sleep so getting up in the wee hours of the morning to queue up outside Next for their 5am opening has always been a bit of a challenge for me but I do always make my way to the Sale eventually around 7 or 8 am. Yeah so maybe a lot of stuff is gone by then but eventually I always get nice things. This year was a bit of a frustration.When we got to our local Next this is what greeted us. A queue almost a mile and a half long....

So we headed to another big shopping mall which was better coz there was no queue outside but there was a mini China inside - people milling about everywhere... but my dream coat had disappeared and so had my dream dress. ugh. The place looked like the remains of a bomb blast, clothes and shoes everywhere. It was worse than Primark on a bad day, I kid u not.

Anyway when I prayed the night before, I'd asked God to hook me up with the things I wanted. I'd seen them a few weeks before the sale and I believed that I would get them in the sale at a good price. I knew God was faithful even in what may seem like trivial matters as long as one exercises faith. Lo and behold I did end up getting my coat and dress, plus jeans and boots all for a very good price. Another customer who had come very very early, later decided she didn't want the coat and same thing happened with the dress and both were my size. No wonder God says not to worry about what to wear at all in Matthew 6, He's got it all covered. :) The pic below sums it all up, like Destiny's Child said years ago, "I am a survivor!"


  1. awwww, u got a nintendo wii for christmas, double wow !!! hv fun wit keeping fit in the coming new year.

    the way God provides for His children is unexplainable but thank God you got the exact things you wanted from your fav shop.

    You are a survivor !!!

  2. Happy New Year Miss RJ. Hope you had a great Christmas my dear and thanx for being a great blogger friend. Hope 2011 will be awesome for you hun.x

  3. Nintendo Wii .. Next goodies .. think I need to take a trip to Lapland and speak get santa to hook me up! (lol)

    God looks after His own .. 2011 - the year of heaven!

    May that be your experience



  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!...ha! so you love shopping ehn?....glad you got what you wanted.

  5. Thanks Nitty ad Anony. Happy New year to you both. x

  6. Geez I've never ever got up for a Next Sale (I do it the easy way - online and hey they start a day before when its online). I like Next for my office wear.

    Happy New Year to you!!


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