Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Truth about Gospel Girl...

A few months ago, I said I would tell people a little about my background after I revealed that I was not Nigerian as most people believe I am. So here goes, drum roll please ....

This sister here is actually a Zimba babe to the bone. lol For those not familiar with the term "Zimba", it is actually short for Zimbabwe. Yes G.G actually hails from the land of Milk and Honey which is South of the African continent. Having said that I want to wish all my Zimba friends and family a Happy Independence day! Yes, yesterday Zimbabwe turned 31 years old. (I am a day late, wanted to do this yesterday but was so busy yesterday I didn't have time :(

(Photo is the genius work of Geelaw Media.)
For those who may not know Zim, it is located next to South Africa. It's a lovely place but I have to warn you, you won't find any of the following foods there : plantain, cassava or yam, (ok that probably shocked you) but we have our own type of foods which taste just as great. On your list of things to do in life, add a new one "Trying Zim's main meal Sadza" which is made from maize meal.  Yum yum, this really goes down well with meat and vegetables.

I pray that God will bless the nation and shower it with peace and great favour.

Have a great week, I will be back with a proper post soon.... in the meantime here's a song in which you can see a few places in my lovely nation...Proudly Zim :)


  1. awesome... i love Zimbabwe...very, very nice people. I was there last summer, wanna go again. Happy independence.

  2. Thanx. Wow u've been to Zim. That's great. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. :)

  3. I really thought you were Nigerian,nice to know another person from Zimba,i have a white girl from your country in my class and also a guy in my church all very lovely people.
    Amen to your prayer for your nation and Happy Independence

  4. It is very nice to meet you my Zimbabwe sister:) Happy idepence to Zimbabwe. Thanks for sharing the somg:)

  5. oh wow would have never guess that where did you get your Nigerianess from?...lol anyway shout out to Zimba in the house and Happy Independence!

  6. I'm sooo shocked!!! I would have neva guessed o!!!

    Happy Independence love! Cheers 2 many more blessed yrs!!!

  7. shocking!!! would nvr have guesses you a southern african ...wow...i thought maybe a different w.african country.so where do you get your nigerian vibe from?

  8. Happy independence day.

    Glad to meet & know you my African sister :))

    p.s...yes o, where & how did you get our 9ja mentality from ehn? hahaha

  9. I'm glad you shared this. The first time you told me I was like 'whaaat! lol.

    So how is is that you are Nigerianized too?

  10. U're not Nigeriaaaaaan????

    I am extremely flabbergasted.
    I couldn't even use the word shocked/surprised)

  11. @blackgold, thanks dear. I didn't know Zim people are over that side as well...lol. Hope you've been well. x

    @Toyin O, It's nice knowing you too, thanx.

    @MsYellowSisi Shout out to you too and thanx. I didn't realise I had some Nigerianess...is it the language I use? lol

  12. @Blessing, thanks hun and Amen to your prayer. I knew you would be surprised my sistawoooo...lol :)

    @ChizzyD ... well like I said before hun, even some of the people who know me personally have no clue, I don't know why, what kind of Naija vibe do I have...?lol

  13. @Ibhade Thanks ma. You know what, please tell me about this Nigerianess that I have...how do you pick that up?

    @Maid of Heart....I want you guys to tell me more about me being Nigerianesed, is it what I talk about? I guess I have many Naija friends. lol

    @H LOL hun.... :)

  14. Happy independence to you guys..
    *this is late though..

  15. i know this is coming late,happy independence day Zimbabwe babe !!!

    howdy ?

  16. Nice one...first time here.So how do i prepare Sadza

  17. @oluSimeon Thanks, better late than never ey...

    @Rainjoy Thanks hun, am good!

  18. @Bigshot Thanx for stopping by. Here is the recipe for Sadza. You will need.

    * 4 cups water
    * 2-3 cups maize or millet or sorghum or rice meal (more or less, depending on the consistency required)


    1. Boil 3 cups of water.
    2. In a saucepan, make a paste using some of the meal with a cup of cold water. Add the hot water.
    3. Place on medium high heat and stir with a wooden spoon until mixture thickens, like porridge. Watch carefully to avoid 'sadza burns' when it starts boiling.
    4. Cover the saucepan and simmer for some time - about 15 minutes. Lower the heat a little to prevent burning at the bottom. It should not boil too vigorously. If the water/meal mixture is just right, the sadza will boil without spilling over. However if it is too thin it might spill over, especially when the saucepan lid is on. Keep an eye on it.
    5. Remove the lid and gradually add meal, stirring all the and flattening any lumps that may form. All the meal should mix into the porridge. The water and meal are well-blended in good sadza which has a bit of shine and elasticity.
    6. Continue to add and stir until the sadza thickens to required consistency - some people prefer it thin, others prefer it thicker. When you do not know the people's taste, leave it a medium thickness. At this point the sadza requires strong stirring, especially if making large quantities.
    7. Reduce the heat to very low. Cover and leave for a few minutes to allow further cooking.
    8. Stir the sadza once again before dishing with a wet curved wooden spoon. Sadza can be served with vegetables, meat, poultry, fish or soured milk.

  19. YOu actually surprised me with that. Never knew u r a Zim Sister. I have a friend here who I now call my Big Sis (the big Sis I never had). She is from Zim with her fiancee. They are already family. I call them my 'Mudiwas'. I am sure you know what that means.

    God bless you Sis.

    - LDP

  20. Been to Zim for a short while a long time ago but I'm going to Zambia this summer though, might got check Zim out!


  21. I also love Zim. Worked there for four years and married a Zimbabwean. Happy Independence day to you!


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