Sunday, 8 May 2011

On the road to Marriageville

"Meet me at the altar in your white dress, we ain't getting no younger, we might as well do it... 
Girl lets just get married, I just wanna get married." lyrics from the song, Lets Get Married by Jagged Edge (2000).

Sooooo, Kate found her prince and the Royal wedding is finally over and life has more or less returned to normal for us folk. Most of the gals I know where all eager to see Kate's dress (which for some was a disappointment, we expected more bling and satin) and most eyes were on her fairytale wedding because for most women, a wedding is a special day where a lifetime dream comes true. I, for one love weddings and sometimes they make me cry, don't ask me why, but every now and again I find myself dabbing a tear or so with Kleenex especially when they do the vows. Recently a number of people I know got engaged and there's quite a few weddings coming up so yippee more fun. But let me say, if it is your desire to meet a fine boy and get hitched and it hasn't happened yet, hang in there!!

I know a lot of people that are waiting for their prince to show up and whisk them into a fairytale. All I can say is don't get tired of hoping. Keep praying, going out and mingling. Yup, don't stay at home all the time praying, you also need to go out regularly so that he can find you ... :)
Even when it seems like all hope is lost, keep trusting God. Just like Abraham was able to have a child in old age, it's never too late. A few years ago I knew a lady who was in her mid forties who was believing God for a husband and some may have thought, it's over for her but our God who she trusted in, honoured her prayer. She met a wonderful man and they got married and now have a lovely baby girl. They are still happily married.

Maybe you are already married and this may not apply to you, but do you have anything else you need from God and it seems like its taking long? Whatever your need is I pray that God would meet you at your point of need. Take heart, keep believing and may God hear your cry.

Now back to the wedding fever, some marry young, others marry old and well, some marry somewhere in between. Don't put your life on hold whilst you wait for the big day to arrive. Prepare yourself, pray and keep serving and loving God.  Go out there and be found or if you're a guy, go and find her. And by God's grace you never know, sooner than you think, you may be practising your new signature and updating your Facebook status to married! :)


  1. Interesting post. At a point, I thought you were going to tell us that you are newly engaged and going to be married soon. lol

  2. Amen! lol, I thought the same thing as @ilola!

  3. I thought so too.
    Was almost going to say, congrats.
    No doubt it'll be soon coming.
    Will be watching your space.

  4. So true, don't have to put your life on hold waiting for a prince to show up...believe me, singles have more fun and opportunity to build up their career or business before saying i do. Getting married brings in a lot of responsibilities and little time for yourself..THIS IS A FACT!

  5. So true. BTW i love that song by Jagged Edge.

  6. i am soooo with nitty,for some of what she said and my own many reasons. I personally don't believe i am ready to be married. When God wants my single years to be over, he will STOP it.

    I will FULLY enjoy EVERY stage of my life.

  7. I thought you were gonna say surprise i'm engaged, lol!!

  8. I totally agree that life is to be lived to the full whether one is married or not. Lovely post! I also started crying at the vows for the royal wedding, and at a romcom I saw recently.

  9. Blessings.....
    For me, life never changed. People get married everyday, they are just another couple and like the rest of us they will have to survive the trials and tribulations that life will undoubtedly bring regardless of the riches they hold.

    peace, i wish you well and blessings untold.


  10. Amen..lets keep waiting whilst building our self with integrity..
    Ha and I thought the Royal wedding will last for one week..


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