Monday, 20 June 2011

I Will Make Time Part 1 and 2

I will make time...

I stumble out of bed,

More tired than I was the night before,

Work starts in less than an hour,

Out of the corner of my eye I spy my Word for Today

No time for Quiet Time

Will have to pray in the shower.

Boiler playing up, so its a cold shower marathon today.

Two minutes and I'm out, prayer will have to wait.

Weetabix and toast gulped down as I try to read my bible,

I lay it aside, can't concentrate at all.

Dashing out, I miss the bus, trot to the station heels in my hand,

My iPhone is ringing, the Blackberry is vibrating as peeps are hitting me.

Facebook is open and someone is poking me, another tagging me.

Everyone wants a piece of me

I have nothing to give.

I'm empty... I need refreshing...yesterday was just as bad

I need to make time,

Yes tomorrow.

I will make time


Three hours and two projects later, leave the office

Lunch with the girls, salads and chicken to fill our hard worked bellies,

Doesn't do much for me, should've brought my pounded yam from home.

Back in the office, memos meetings and deadlines

Where did all the time go?

I want some time to myself

Is it ever gonna happen today?

Doesn't look like it...

But tomorrow I will make time.

Soaps, Reality shows and Facebook keep me company as I have my supper

More phone calls and chats online.

As I get into bed, I want to pray

But my eyelids have a different mission

To the Land of The Nod I go,


A void within needs refreshing...

I need to make time,

Yes tomorrow.

I will make time


I Will Make Time Part 2

The first part of this post is a piece I wrote last year but I've included it again because it speaks my heart at this point. Of late life has been quite hectic and I’ve found myself often feeling tired and at times overwhelmed with stuff to do. As a result I found myself spending less time in prayer and reading the word. Sometimes the best I could do was listen to a podcast on my iPod as I dashed from one place to the other. And as the days went by I found myself suffering from spiritual malnutrition. I also found myself getting impatient with people around me and snapping at them. Yeah like... the person walking slowly in front of me at the train station, the shop attendant taking a zillion years to give me back my change, the list is endless.  I was annoyed with them all.
Another thing that I noticed was that making decisions daily was difficult because it was hard for me to hear what God was saying because I wasn’t properly plugged in.

I long to always enjoy sweet fellowship with God all the time but sometimes its hard to have a consistently intimate and great relationship with God. The enemy once had a great relationship with God before he was cast out and he knows how great and beneficial it is to be in God’s presence, therefore he doesn’t want us to spend any time with God at all. The devil will do anything to keep us from spending time with God.
Think about the number of distractions that seem to pop up every time you set aside time to pray or read the bible. In my case the phone usually rings just as I start having a quiet time with God or I suddenly remember a dozen and one other things that also need doing around the house.
I realised that I need to jealously guard my time with God. I immediately made some quick changes to my schedule so that I could prioritise stuff that would help me grow spiritually. If you don't do so already I'd suggest that you set aside a specific time in the day whether morning, afternoon or evening to spend some QUALITY time with God and stick with it. TV, work, school, Twitter, going out with friends and BBM will always be there. Spend a little less time on those things and a little more with God and you will begin to see the change in yourself and in other areas of your life. The more time you spend with God, the more shape things will begin to take in your life for example you may begin to notice your relationships with other people improving, more wisdom and understand of things such as job/career/business related matters, more fruit in your ministry and certainly more joy and peace that comes from having a flourishing relationship with God.

Jesus says in John 15:4-5 “Remain in me and I will remain in you. Just as the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it remains in the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in me. I am the vine, you are the branches. The one who remains in me – and I in him - bears much fruit, because apart from me you can accomplish nothing.”
Without Him we are nothing and we cannot accomplish anything. Not staying close to the Father in terms of prayer and fellowship with Him, is almost like a person in a hospital bed pulling off their life support because they think they can live without it. Let’s not commit spiritual suicide, lets hang on to God for dear life and remind Him every day that He is the special love of our life.

Have a great week, xoxo


  1. Oh Gospel Girl, this post touched me to the marrow. The poem is so so real, I have experienced it lots of times.
    Now you have thought me that my time with God is to be jealously guarded. God bless you for sharing this

  2. U're welcome Hun. I'm glad it's been helpful to you my dear.

  3. This is a constant struggle of mine. BUt we can make time, if we really want to.

  4. This is so so common when one begins life as an adult with work, other life relationships, etc. God is our strength. Have a great week dear.

  5. @Chizzy like Obama said in 08, yes we can. :)
    @Myne Thank you for your comment and do have a great week too.

  6. Hi Gospel Girl, this is my first time on your blog and I must say you write really well...I used to struggle with many of the situations described in the first part of your post until I "set aside a specific time in the day to spend with God and I stuck with it". That has been really helpful for my Bible study and prayer life.

    this is a very lovely post...thanks for sharing it.

  7. Thanks @justdoyin for stopping by. I'm glad that the post was helpful to you. Will be visiting your blog soon... x

  8. It takes God's help and strong determination to be able to turn off technology when we need to focus on the One who is higher than our purpose itself. I've found the audio Bible on to be an amazingly helpful tool.

  9. oh! sister, you just explained the 'problem' i do face...always saying 'tomorrow' asking for 'time' when i have the time for my 'other' pleasures! *a heavy sigh!*.. i ask for HIS GRACE & MERCY everyday.

  10. Thanks Jaycee for that tip about the audio bible.
    @Ibhade my sis, u r not the only one...but His grace will be sufficient for us as long as we try our best to seek Him.

  11. I love the word ABIDE because it doesnt depict a one-off thing. I depicts a constant stay with the master... The hustle and bustle of life is enough to cut us off the vine if we're not careful.. May His grace continue to abound for us. Thanks for sharing GG.

    - LDP


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