Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Girl who Surprised Many

Ok people you have to forgive me for being MIA, busy is an understatement to describe my life, so so busy with a new contract job (thank God for that) , coursework to do, church and other stuff.....I really miss being on here so much.... but I know God will make a way for things to settle down.

Have you ever wanted to do something but didn't because you thought it was too hard or beyond your capabilities? I'm posting this video because I think this young lady has been able to do what many people would have thought a very difficult thing. But know this, if you put your mind to it, with God on your side you can accomplish great things. That said, I'm off to learn Spanish ... :)




  1. We miss you tooo. Please, try to make a little time out of your busy schedule for us. thank God for your life

  2. Thanks my dear! I will try to make time ooo o o o... lol

  3. Yes you've been missed!!! :-(..glad that all is well with you!

  4. Take care, we understand, congratulation on your contract job and good luck.

  5. @Thanx Blessing, should be back in full force soon... :)

  6. busy is what happening these days...i very much understand.

  7. wooooooow i am impressed
    woow lol

    i can learn chinese then

    following you
    don't forget to vote for me on this link

  8. She's so amazing. Wow.

    PS: Congratulations. Praise God for your new job :)


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