Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Secret about Money

How can I get more money?
Oh how I wonder,

Where does all my money go?
Oh how I wonder.

One minute my bank account is overflowing and threatening to burst,

The next minute, it's sending out SOS signals for aid.

The Jones next door are making me sweat,

Trying to keep up with them is no easy task,

They've got a new ride, with alloys shining and the horse power of a thousand horses,

"Isn't it wicked? Isn't it sick?" The boys on the street shout as it goes past.

End of season SALE, red stickers are like magnets,

As the search for a bargain, gets the better of me.

I try to hold on to my Benjamins, but like a slippery eel they make their getaway.

Someone once said, the best way to have money,

Is to give some to God and spend a little,

Give some to others and save a chunk.

Then Apple will come along with their new iPot ... yes that's right, iPot.

The sleek pot that lets you cook, take pictures and listen to music all in one handy appliance.

I ask myself...do I really need it?

But then again every one's got one, so before long I join the crowd.

No wonder then, the holes in my pocket increase.

Someone once said, the best way to have money,

Is to give some to God and spend a little,

Give some to others and save a chunk.


Then there's the gambling gurus that want to put their hand in my pocket,

"Place your bets," the man shouts,

Machines glistening with coins, poker tables and  betting on who will win Big Brother,

Even the State Lottery keeps calling me,

Surely one day my luck will come and my number will be called.

I wonder.

Someone once told me a secret about how to handle money,

Give some to God and spend a little,

Give some to others then save a chunk.

Part 2

Money is NOT the root of all evil BUT "...the LOVE of money is the root of all evil." (1 Tim 6:10)

To keep ourselves from lusting after money and becoming greedy, we need to cultivate a heart of giving. Not just giving to the church but to those in need and less fortunate than ourselves. Once this becomes ingrained in our hearts, God can give us lots more because we become a river of blessing flowing from abundance and into the hearts and lives of others.

Lately there has been a lot of talk and emails circulating involving Pastors all over the world and their lavish use of money. I respect many Preachers world wide and have been blessed by many of them but there is a new trend which is emerging which makes me cringe everytime the topic of money comes up. You only have to tune into some of the Christian channels and see the show and pomp in some churches and you will be amazed.

Now I know that the Bible does say that God delights in His people prospering (Psalm 35:27) but at the same time I think the whole money issue is now beginning to get a bit pear shaped in some Churches of God. People are turning their focus from God to unshamedly chasing after money. 

Is it right that any Tom, Dick and Harry who feels like it can just open a church and start calling for offerings for this and pledges for that...? Is it right that a Man of God should have several cars and a jet whilst some members of his congregation cannot afford to pay their rent?


  1. May God direct us to those who are genuine. It shudn't be shocking...in the last days there shall be false prophets.

    On the other hand re:jets and all. If a congregation member chooses to bless a man of God directly with his riches, the man of God shud not refuse becuz that congregation member is tryna key in to his own blessings.

    Hence the jet etc.
    Every story is different,that's why we shud turn away from judging others and do our own. God is the only judge for he sees the hearts of men.

    The man of God cud decide to sell the jet and meet the needs of the poor...infact there are so many plausible assumptions. Let every man just work out his own salvation with fear and trembling and leave the next man to God.

  2. Thanx for your views on the matter H.
    U're right that every story is different and yes church members are allowed to bless their leaders.

    However, in no way is anyone judging these people, (in my book judging is saying this person is wrong and is going to get punished in xyz manner) all I did was to pose some questions for people to consider in their minds...every one's answer will be different...but at the end of the day whatever one chooses to do with their money, God will ask us all to account to Him for how we spent our money.

  3. Hmm well the spirit of the last days can catch up with ANYBODY. Its easy to poke fingers at the "titled men of God" yet a lot of Christians are guilty of this same bug of love for money. See the desire to acquire things and have everything the world can offer MUST be controlled ONLY by the help of the HOLY SPIRIT.... Yes,its sad when all our attention is ingrained in physical wealth than the wealth of the Kingdom of God. Its sad when we lose our focus on perishable things forgetting the work Christ has sent us to do.
    On the other hand,money is good because it helps in the furtherance of God's work on earth and that we must all do. If some monies we have are channelled to the right things,we won't have men and women clamouring to buy all sorts of things they won't leave this earth with.... Greed is a terrible we must all look out for. The people or men of God we poke fingers a were once as zealous as a lot of us are but missed some steps alone the path of faith. God hasn't written them off and we have no right to judge them but pray for them to maintain God's counsel as Christ did.

    Btw,the apostles of old brought their property into a common purse and shared among themselves, that was true fellowship. Its sad that these days,we compete a lot among ourselves and segregation thrives among God's people.
    True wealth supersedes money anyway and that means SOULS to God. That no man should perish but come to eternal life. However,money is required to reach out to many lost souls for example missions, feeding the poor and hungry,building schools and clothing the displaced and needy NOT acquiring buildings and personal things that we want to subtly glory in....

  4. Gospel gurl, pls don't get my comment wrong, I don't think you're judging. To ‎​​me you've made VERY sincere observations and I really see it with ‎​you as TRUE. If we really go by the truth of the gospel and the life in Acts of the Apostles, the men and women who stood as church leaders were temperate(like Paul,Peter,James etc) and we longing to see men and women live as Christ, its a different picture from the "Clergy/Laity" lifestyle we have in church which steals fellowship,servant hood and true communion. I think that's not judging any man but stating the obvious. But God help us.
    And may true fellowship return to the church,may we know how to share our possession among the poor and needy cos that's true religion James spoke of. May our leaders lead as servants and may the church not be a den of robbers but a house of prayer. May people be sensitive to the needs of people more than furnishing one man alone, AMEN

  5. Thanx for you input Enbees-hub.
    I guess we as believers need to be discerning about where we sow our seed and aim to use our money to help those in need.
    I also like your point that we all need to pray that we do not fall prey to greed.

  6. Money is just a tool of exchange. Unfortuantely, we humans have turned it to something else, such that it is the root of every problem we are having in this world.

  7. @iLola you summed it up so well, may God help us to do better.

  8. I read the post, and then the comments and I sighed. It is not easy to be frugal and sensible with money but it can be done.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. The Lord Jesus had to ask someone to show Him a denarius!

    "Jehovah, the maker of heavens and earth, bless thee out of Zion": not with material things!

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  12. I just realised you are not on my blogroll (that's how I keep tabs on blogs I like)(

    My apologies. I have now put you on there and I'll def be checking up on you.

    My opinion on money is that it is merely something I can use to solve those problems that can be solved with money. Do I save? Yes....because with kids, there will always be unexpected expenses.

    'Frugal' is the middle-name of any good wife/mother. We really have no choice.

    Thanks GG

  13. I see some things and wonder just like you. There will always be false prophets and maybe churches, its left for us to know who we associate with, while having at the back of our minds that we will all give an account of how we lived on earth.

  14. NU Praizer! ; )20 July 2011 at 14:30

    GG... It's like you were writing about me in the first part of this write-up. Sigh but Amen.

  15. Money is good, the love for money is bad. Absolutely true! It's bad that people have let greed set in and have abused the purpose of money significantly. It's just bad to see people make church look like a business adventure. All I can say is God help us.

    FFg your blog now, mine


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