Friday, 29 July 2011

Mother in Law's unforgettable deed...

I have learnt of late that we never really know what kind of people we are until we are put in a stressful position or find ourselves under pressure. It is in those times that the real us surfaces....

I heard an interesting story yesterday and I wondered what we would all do if we found ourselves in this situation...this really happened in Naija land....

"Your mum in law is visiting and staying with you, your husband and your 6 month old baby girl. After a long day at work, you get home and find that your mother-in- law has given your baby 3 LONG TRIBAL MARKS on each side of the cheek without telling you!!! What would you do?" And from what I understand they cannot be removed....

...I dont know about you but I know I would definitely freak out, to what extent I'm not sure ...but I guess as Christians we need to always remember that the bible says to forgive those who have wronged us...but hey...this is one tough pill to swallow...


  1. LOL oohhhhh, well my mum in law won't be this way cos she would know our principles...haha! Na wa o,I heard this issue too and I hope its not true sha.

    But if my mum in law did this, I will certainly freak out sha oooo...God will help ‎​​me forgive her sha :D

  2. it would be devastating that she went behind my back, and she would be leaving for sure while we sort out the trust and forgiveness issues. But at the end, she's still part of the family and we'll have to work through it. The baby will also go for check up for possible blood infections depending on how the tattoo was given.

  3. @enybees From what I heard it is supposed to be a true story but yes God can help us to forgive...

    @myne that's some good advice there, we have to always work through issues regardless of the circumstances.

  4. there should be some kind of surgery to correct it, but i.will.planking.freak.out
    well, i guess forgiveness will have to come in later. :-)

  5. Wheew! That's a hard one...seeing that I have a mother in law that took sometime getting used to. Now granite I don't have kids yet, but I know it's going to be some sort of issues that arise. That's a hard pill to swallow! I think however i would be furious!

  6. @OluSimeon Oh really? I didn't think it could be corrected.

    @Nicole, it is indeed a difficult thing to swallow and

  7. Humph

    This is one of those situations that will seriously test my faith oh......I'm not going to even pretend forgiveness will be easy.

    My husband will have a lot of drama to deal with also :)))

  8. Ehhhhnnnn.....???? I would freaking freak out.
    #dearGod, please never let is happen.


  9. @NIL I feel at your husband havin a lot of drama to deal with also...

    @ H ...imagine I couldn't believe it sha. God forbit it happens to anyone I know.

  10. Kai, it really happened o, it was a christian couple, but the woman was a traditionalist. It won't be easy o. I will try to forgive her and look for a way to correct my child's face, maybe surgery

  11. @iLola I still cant believe it really happened you know, but I pray that the family involved will be able to work through it and hopefull get the child's face surgically treated.

  12. Funny but sad! lol...
    I go cry o.. lol | To forgive will be very hard, not only on my part but even when the child grows up.

    - LDP

  13. That certainly boiled my blood up - what must it be to the parents!

    We can - rightly - speak of forgiving; but only when someone has truly repented can they really know what it is to be forgiven. But God gives grace - and may the child grow to have that spirit of Christ that shows through any other ornament.

  14. I'm not sure how I would handle this but I'd be very very upset...that's just wrong!!!

  15. @LDP

    Thanks all for sharing your thoughts, still shocked by the severity of it all but I guess once the anger starts cooling off, the grace of God is sufficient for all things.

  16. i'll be so upset i wont lie o. I don't even want to think of it. But like you said, we must forgive. Forgiveness is a must


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