Wednesday, 10 August 2011

All for Trainers, Mobile phones and Big Screen TVs

Woman jumping from a burning apartment
As most of you may have heard, there has been a lot of rioting and looting in several parts of the UK. It all started after a peaceful demonstration in London about a man who had been killed by the police. Most of the rioters are teenagers (though some shameless grown up folks who are eager for freebies are also taking part) wearing hoods and masks and they've smashed windows of shops, stolen things then set the shops on fire.
In most cases the shops that have been vandalised are mobile phone shops, electrical appliance shops and clothes shops. Cars and buses were also set on fire. Even innocent people have been caught up in what had started off as a fight between the police and youths.

It is really sad and disheartening to watch, not to mention scary as well. I don't even want to be out at night because the thugs have also been stopping cars with barricades and pulling people out of their cars so that they can burn the cars. My local shopping centre was also targeted and it's just horrible seeing the damage that's been caused and I pray that it doesn't reoccur. Our country is a bit "soft soft" with these people and a part of me wishes they could get the riot police from African countries who would clamp this riot down in a few hours. lol ...they don't mess around and when they show up you run for your life... I think that if people are going to act like animals and infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens then they should be dealt with harshly. It's not the time to "coddle" the thugs and go go "koochie koochie koo". Its not the time to be seen to be politically correct but react appropriately to deal with violence....where are the rubber pellets or water cannons? This country goes out of its way to protect other countries but are afraid to do what's necessary to protect their own citizens...people are standing outside their homes with pots and pans to stop thugs from trashing their property .... shm...anyway that's another story all together. Please pray for us. *sad face*

There have been four fatalities linked to the violence which has now spread across the country.  I think the thugs engaging in these acts realised that they can possibly get away with this sort of behaviour and started rioting and looting in other parts of the country.
I stopped to think why would these young people do things like this? Why would they destroy their own community? Why would they torch another person's car? Is it just because they want a new pair of trainers or a new 40 inch LCD TV? I don't know if there are any clear answers to all these questions.
People talked about how it could be a result of high unemployment, poverty, lack of male role models, anger at society or government, boredom, dissatisfaction with life, bad relations between ethnic minorities and the police. But I ask, even in the times I have been disatisfied with life, I have not engaged in rioting or looting...because I believe there are other ways of dealing with such emotions. So what makes other people do it?

People came up with all sorts of different reasons but I think one of the main reasons why someone would riot, loot and destroy is that when you take God out of any equation then the enemy will fill that void. It's no surprise then that these young people do not respect their parents, teachers, other members of the community and now it seems even the police. When people have no conscience or fear of God, anything goes and lawlessness comes into force. So who is to blame?
Is it the parents for not teaching their children the right way to go? Is it the government for making cuts in services or for giving children and young people more rights and liberties than necessary? Is it the church for not doing more to spread the gospel? Only God knows.

One of my favourite hangouts was burnt and destroyed :(
I just ask that we all pray to God to intervene, He is Jehovah Shalom (our peace) and we ask that He may bring peace into the UK. May people who don't know God find Him during this trying time and may we emerge stronger and better as individuals and as a nation.


  1. omg! are pictures 2 and real really from this incident? \
    Like I posed on NIL's post, 2 wrongs dont make a right but sadly it causes brings to attention the case at hand.
    However this kind of violence can not be justified tho, especially the fact that they are going against other innocent law abiding citizens. Like if the govt is who dey r angry at, why not go to their offices?

  2. Yes, the pictures are really from the riots ... :( *sigh*

  3. Amen to your prayer.

    It's truly sad and I agree that the police should be doing a better job in checking them and protecting everyone else.

    I thank God that you're okay sha *hug*

  4. I join you in praying. It is really depressing what's happening.

  5. Amen to your prayer. Its really sad. I remember when I was watching the news, I couldn't understand why people would do this to others if it is the government they are angry at. I just heard on the news about an 11 year old who was part of the riots but was released on bail. Now that's the lack of discipline i'm talking about. That child will not think twice before doing anything next time knowing there are no consequences and there's no guarantee the parent will also chastise him. I heard there's been cases of murder, people mugging others in the name of helping them, 100 year business burnt to the ground, some people are homeless, etc. I feel deeply sad. There's no excuse at all. All the economic talk is crap. hmmm. I think i'm venting too much but it's just so sad.

    Amen again to your prayer. I hope God makes something beautiful out of this mess.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

  6. Amen.. He is the prince of peace... and I am sure just as He has His eyes on the sparrows, His eyes are on that city and others affected.
    I must confess, the government of developed countries are sometimes to soft... In fact, don't me say further. lol

    Peace :)

    - LDP

  7. @Blessing thanks for e-hug.

    @Myne Thanks for your prayers, we appreciate them at a time like this.

  8. @stelzz I'm just as angry as you about the opportunists. It's sad that they dont realise that the violence doesn't help matters. It only escalates the situation. shm

    Amen, I'm sure He will make something good come out of it Rom 8:28

    @LDP Thanx for your kind thoughts and words.
    Yup 're right they are too soft at times.

  9. I am still wondering how come this thing hasn't been stopped, cos I thought the security situation there is okay.
    When pressure comes, the real situation of things comes out. Neglect God and you are in trouble. It is high the all the developed countries go back to God, cos thats how they got developed in the first place.
    Amen o all your prayers

  10. @tilola GBAM! You just took words from my mouth.

    Now ‎​​we know that every government must be subject to the Lord. The government of this world no matter how organised by the laws of men BELONG TO GOD,all powers sit on His shoulders,God alone bears the brunt so who is man without him?

    GG yes,when we all alienate God from our lives,there's always a void and that's what's happening. The nations of Israel always did well under God,every time they rebelled,he judged. Check what ‎​you have when there is NO GOD: indiscipline, lasciviousness, revelry, orgy, disobedience,rebellion, anarchy/ a state of lawlessness...hmm name them. God instituted the family to make the society,so when a papa and mama aren't there to instill proper attitude and character,the society cries out in shame.

    May God bring peace in our Jerusalem, Ps.122 and may the hearts of men RETURN to righteousness amen. Take heart dear,keep praying :)

  11. GG, you've hit the nail on the head. I agree with all you have said. To paraphrase the Bible, 'without a vision, the people cast off restraint.' I have never before seen such images of wanton destruction as I have witnessed over the past few days. And for what? May God have mercy on us all. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

  12. I agree with you my sister.

    Like I said in my post, this is a sign of much deeper issues ...and if those issues are ignored, they will def come back to haunt this society.

  13. Oh my goodness...praying along with you for peace.

  14. @ilola,my thoughts exactly!...what happened to the efficient security with the high tech?...aren't the looters tired yet?...unemployment?. in a way, this had made me realize that no country is indeed fully 'developed' {understand the context here}.

  15. I pray for peace and calm in London... Amen!

  16. This is really terrible, I will be praying for the UK.

  17. Thanks all for your prayers, things have clamed down now. x


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