Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Don't Play with a Dirty Diaper...

"Did you take the £30 pounds that was on the counter?" the manager asked me at work.
"No," I say as I  push the money deeper into my pocket.

"Be careful of that woman, she's finer than wine but her goal is to wreck your marriage," Pastor said.
"I would never do that. Besides I'm not interested in her type," I say as I hide the condom deeper into my pocket.

"Drugs are no good for you, they''ll mess up your life," the youth counsellor warned.
"I've never taken one all my life," I say as I push the pack filled with white substance deeper into my pocket.

"You need to listen to your parents and respect their wishes,"my aunt said.
I've stopped going out late and hanging with the street gangs, I say as I hide the knife deeper into my pocket.

"You know its not good to talk and gossip about people behind their back," my friend said to me.
" Oh you know I wouldn't do that," even though a few minutes prior to that, I'd pressed send on my Whatsapp telling my peeps the latest juicy piece of news I'd just heard, just before I carefully pushed the phone deep into my pocket.

Why do they sweat me?  I have no sin.

Its only a bit of fun.

But wait...whats that nagging thought?

I need to be true to myself, I need to gaze deep within,

and see myself for who I really am.

I can't pretend anymore, as much as I want to

I look in the mirror and suddenly I see it.


It covers my withering body, dark and filthy.
Resembling scum and smelly manure.
It has smeared it's very essence all over my being,
Covering me from head to toe,
I resemble a toddler playing with a dirty diaper.

Why do I do this?

How do I get out of this?

Is there any hope for me?


There is a better way,

But only I can allow this change.

Let me allow Him who can transform me, to finish the work, perfect the work that He has begun

To transform me, mould me

Until like Rihanna said, I begin to "shine like a diamond in the sky."


  1. God is the one that brings out the perfection in us.

  2. white lies... still lies and ungodly.

  3. HE is able to fashion our imperfections perfectly.

  4. Help us Lord...

  5. hmmmm.....
    the thing is we can fool many including ourselves but only one faces the consequences of carefully constructed lies and that is the teller/weaver of the deception.

  6. As we see that the work of Christ makes us entirely pure in God's sight we get help by His Spirit in a pure life.


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