Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I love it all (oh yes I do!)

While trawling through Facebook the other day, I came across a meal of frogs' legs that had been prepared with a lottta TLC. I mean this woman had spared no spice, herb or garnish in making sure that this dish came out looking, as the French who are well known for eating the dish would say, “formidable.”
 Now being somewhat of an adventurous foodie myself  (yes I have eaten a bit of crocodile and snail in the past…lol) I didn’t sneer or screw my face at the mere idea of eating frogs legs. No…I just thought, wow... good for you girl. 
However it was the comments that people made about this post that I found interesting. Some merely voiced their “disgust” by commenting eeeewwww. Others slightly curious asked what the taste was like. Others said they wouldn’t mind trying it as long as they were told what it was after they had finished the meal. And of course others were keen to try this seemingly unpopular dish amongst “people of colour”. 
Someone then raised the point that people should only stick to eating what God had given us to eat. Which brings me to ask….has God said that there are specific foods that we should eat and not others? I have heard some vegetarians say that God never told us to eat meat, and they quote Genesis and say of all this fruit and seeds you shall eat. However as much as I think that a fruit and vegetable diet has some substantial health benefits, I don’t think that the bible forbids the eating of meat at all.

After the flood in Genesis 9:3 God says, “You may eat any moving thing that lives. As I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.”  Now in Old testament times, the law cited some meats were clean and others were unclean but the new covenant in Christ, all meats were declared clean. Even in Romans 14 Paul talks of eating everything including meat to the Lord, giving thanks to God. 

Having cleared that up, I will continue to enjoy everything God has given us to enjoy…yeah "all things bright and beautiful" ... chicken, fish and the occasional red meat. I think its great that some people out there choose to eat only plants and seeds…kudos for that…but don’t turn around and judge us folk who love us some juicy, spiced, tender steak. Yeah let us be...afterall you aint the boss of me! (told

I have been busy in my kitchen, as a young wife, making sure that my hubby dearest is well fed. And my hubby on the other hand has also been making sure that I'm well fed...these are some of the dishes he created over the past few days that awakened the senses and tantalised every tastebud beyond is a pasta and chicken dish with veg, middle is grilled seabass and seasoned mash with veg, and bottom is bulgur wheat and chicken with salad.
Indeed after eating all this I realised just how fortunate I was to have an amazing husband who loves me so much and isn't afraid to take charge in a kitchen spoil me with all sorts of tasty dishes. Its gonna be dinner time soon and judging from the aroma coming from the kitchen...I'm in for a I'm off and Bon Appetit!  


  1. Keep enjoying o. You and ur hubby.

    We eat snail in Nigeria all the time. Nothing strange about that. lol.

    1. We aim to keep on enjoying my dear.
      Where I come from we don't eat snails so it was a big deal eating one. Lol

  2. Yeah some people make choices to select what they eat for religious,health,or personal reasons.
    I know some people don't eat pork cos they say its one of the unclean meat in the old testament. But I love pork and eat it whenever our paths cross.

    Snail is crunchy and lovely!!
    U took a bit of a croc?? Hehehehe.

    I think I'll prefer to try out exotic meats before I was what they actually are. Telling me beforhand may put me off,cos I'll jes keep imagining the animal. Lol

    1. I know what you mean...sometimes when you think of the animal it makes you not want to eat

  3. Please don't judge...
    first up, congratulations on getting married.
    2. Please change your name to Gospel Wife now :-D or no?
    3. Sit back and enjoy his cooking


    1. lol...Miss Tee I did mention whether a name change was on the cards now that i am married, who knows we'll see. :)

  4. Aww aren't you so lucky? Thoses dishes look extremely delish :)
    Enjoy my dear


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