Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I escaped society's no 1 killer...

Those little metal pieces of equipment that we carry around in order to call and text friends and family are not so cool. Yup, they are certainly a necessary evil...and have turned society into phubbers! You may be wondering what on earth that is...well its the new disease that's running rampage in society leaving many families in disarray, wives are losing husbands to it, parents are watching helplessly as their teens are mercilessly devoured by this alarming disease.

The online Collins dictionary defines phubbing as the act of snubbing some one in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention. Eish these phones are killing the whole idea of socialising...

So the jury is still out on whether Albert Einstein actually said the statement in the pic:

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Regardless of whether he made the statement or not...I still think its atrocious that we have allowed technology to take over our lives in such alarming proportions. Its not just phones but even laptops, computers and tablets which help us to stay connected to our virtual friends in cyberspace.

A few months ago i realised that I was an occasional phubber. I would go to parties, visit relatives and so on and if I got a message on Whatsapp I had to read it immediately and reply. Sometimes this ended up being a 5-10 minute chat session. Oops where did the time go?

Another issue of my phubbing syndrome was the incessant need to stay in touch with my Facebook news feed whilst on the go...much to my family's ever so slight annoyance. I remember some occassions when hubby was driving us somewhere...I would be on my phone and then I would hear hubby say, "are you listening?" and I would embarrassingly say..."err sorry what did you say?" As you can imagine that was defo a conversation killer. I quickly realised that I had to make a few changes.

So the options were
1. Get rid of the smart phone (yikes that's like getting rid of my arm...that's not happening) next...
2. Delete all social media apps from phone (hhmmm fees for rehab are alarming so that was obviously not an option)
3. Exercise self control and respect the people around me enough to actually listen and pay attention to whats going on when I am in a social setting.

I decided to go with Option 3, and I have to say life has truly been more meaningful since then. :)



  1. Lol at your reaction to both options 1 and 2, I daresay I'd have the same reaction if were given those options.

    We've all gotta work real hard at option's to trying :D

  2. 1 and 2 are definitely out of the equation, lol...

  3. This much i said in an earlier post of mine

    What Albert Einstein said years ago is coming to pass. Children are not spared either! It has it's advantages but the disadvantages are outweighing.

    1. Will pop over to look at your post christy love...

  4. And it doesn't have to be a smart phone to be a problem.

    Grace will help even in this!

  5. Now if you had chosen option 1 i would say you had truly escaped :)

    The 3rd option is my way too. Sometimes i slip but mostly i maintain an 'I'm the boss approach' with my phone. Funny thing, its my friends who complain.

    1. Option I don't see that
      I guess we're all work in progress. :)

  6. Lmao love this post and am glad you're gaining normality steadily....LOL raising my hand up culprit of phubbing in the house. Although a holiday away recently is slowly teaching me the need to abstain from my not so smart phone and listen properly when spoken to.

    1. Thanks. Here's to continuous trying to do better! :)

  7. haha i fall within that category as well.. and my husband is usually the victim but i am slowly gaining self control and loving it!


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