Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How not to get fooled?

So a dude meets a dudette, they can't stand each other, he is always teasing her, she is forever getting annoyed with him. Then in that crazy moment of truth they kiss and its the beginning of a match made in heaven or hell (depending on the couple) A few months down the line they quarrel...the gal cant stop the tears...what went wrong? Everything was so perfect....then as fate has it, they bump into each other unexpectedly and they kiss and make up and ahhh life is good again. And they ride off into the sunset on a white horse.
That is the formula for a good chick flick, my kind of movie any day. I know the plot has been overdone and its as predictable as ever but I still watch them with the same sense of delight as I did many a years ago. I do of course love other kinds of movies, action, sci fi, drama, adventure and so on but give me a good Rom-Com any day and I'll be smiling. :D

Anyway over the weekend hubby and I went to the cinema to watch Morgan Freeman's new movie , "Now You See Me"...(well not so new anymore coz its been out for a while now) I don't know how many of you have watched it but I will not give away any spoilers. 
Its about four illusionists (or modern day magicians) who supposedly rob banks... I know hey, we never saw that one coming. Trailer video below for those who want a glimpse of the action...
Anyway the interesting thing I came away with from this movie was that it highlighted yet again that people are never who they seem to be...yup....there's a whole lot of wolf in sheep's certainly got me thinking.
In our walk in life, we will meet people who act nice, look the part, dress the part but we have to be very careful who we let in because things aint always what they seem. If you have great people who have proved themselves trustworthy and reliable over the years appreciate and treasure them, because they are rare and valuable like rubies and diamonds.
So all I can say is in making friends, choosing business partners, picking a spouse, finding prayer partners to confide in and so on...use discretion, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you coz you might think you got someone all sussed out but honey child half the time you probably aint. They only let you see what they want you to see. Its only when push comes to shove that you will find out that they were never on your side. And you can avoid all the unnecessary drama if you you exercise caution.

So look, listen and choose your A Team wisely!



  1. Sounds like a very interesting one

  2. It is very interesting, go see it if you can.... :)

  3. Hi Gospel Girl, first time on your blog. This article caught my attention because the latter part captures issues that I have been musing on for some days now-I've even been writing snippets as my bb personal message.

    I'd say that in life, we must desire above all else, the gift of discernment and crave wisdom which is divine; this is because, we will never be able to tell the real person except the Spirit of God gives us discernment. Human beings can be such perfect pretenders, and just when you think you have got someone figured out, they surprise you in a nasty way. On the flip side, we should also make allowances and justifications for some of the ways others act, simply because they are human, and are prone to fail when we need them most. God never designed a human being to meet our needs/fulfill all our expectations. When we wean ourselves of too much expectations from others, then we will not be so shocked when they act true to type. Even the best of people, who have been tested and tried, will fail.

    Nice blog.

  4. Spot on! I've always taken things like making new friends or building relationships quite seriously. Most people pretend, only God can help us choose

  5. blessings....
    You never know anyone 100%, best you can do is ask God to help strengthen your discernment so that you can see things as they are not as you want them to be and that you have the courage to do what is needed to protect yourself.


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