Friday, 21 May 2010

Don't dream your life away....make it happen!

I don't know anyone that had a dream and didn't have to fight or slave away to make it happen. Whatever your goal in life, its not just going to drop on your lap whilst you're sitting there sipping tea. It will require a lot of passion and hard work on your part. 

Now you may want to be a singer, an actor/actress, a writer, a stand up comedian, a business owner, a missionary, an inventor or maybe you just want to start up your own church. Whatever it may be, wishful thinking ain't gonna get you there honey! Trust me. Just because you want it real bad doesn't mean it's just going to happen. If you do nothing about it...guess what's gonna happen? NOTHING! You have to make up your mind that you're really going to go for it and keep pursuing it until it happens.

I'm going to use the example of an aspiring singer to talk you through a process that can help you make progress with your dream whatever it may be.

Now you may be thinking I don't want to do any of that, well this is applicable to every area of life. Even if your greatest aspiration is to be a housewife and mum. For you to be able to run a home successfully and raise your children well, you will need to work hard. You may need to read books or watch programmes on parenting skills, marriage, cooking and so on. You will also need to develop your time management skills to be able to manage all the chores and things that have to be done in the home without tiring yourself out.

Now if you're a Christian, a good place to always start is to seek God's guidance and once you have clear direction...go for it like never before!

Firstly you need to make a think clearly about what you want to do...then write it down.
Once you have a clear destination, then map out an action plan about how you can get there.

So lets take the example of the person who wants to be a singer. Maybe they feel they have songs in their heart which could encourage other people. So that person's goal could be to release a CD album with inspirational songs.

1.Now a good place to start would be to find out whats going on in the world of music. Research is essential before you launch into any project. Is there a place in the market for the type of stuff you want to sing? Is there anyone else doing something similar? If your research supports what you want to do go for it. If your idea doesn't seem feasible try fine tuning or tweaking it here and there.

2.Next start getting training to develop your voice, join classes to enhance your voice. No matter how good you already are, there's always someone out there who knows a little more than you do and you can always learn a thing or two.

3.Practise, Practise, Practise! The more you do so, the better you become. All accomplished athletes and sports people practise everyday...even Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods practised to keep themselves on top of their game. If they had to, what more us mere people,huh?

4. Start producing samples of your work, doing demos and so on. Make sure they are of good quality and copyright them, invest money into it because you want to impress those that will see the cover or listen to them.

5. Sing as much as you can, be it in a choir or as a soloist, offer to sing at weddings and parties. For those doing more circular stuff, you can sing at live gigs in hotels, restaurants. Find out what opportunities are available to showcase yourself and go for it, no matter how small the opportunity may seem. You never know who may be in the crowd listening.
Also there are shows like X-Factor, Pop Idol and so on where if you're good enough, you can get exposure and even if you don't win, someone out there might still like you enough to give you a shot and possible sign you up.

6. Network. Go to festivals, music live shows, and other places where you can meet other musicians who are singing something similar to what you want to do. Go to places where you will meet other people in your chosen genre that you're interested in. Put yourself out there and give your demo to people in high places or those who know people in high places. (but please don't be pushy) In some cases you may meet producers and the like and who knows you could be the next soul sensation...

7. Learn all about your Mentor. Most of us have someone in our chosen field who has done well and we admire. For instance, you may want to be a film writer and producer like Tyler Perry. Find out all you can about how they got started and what they did to get to where they are. Most people now have biographies and if they don't the internet is a good source of information (although please make sure your sources are credible)
Of course God may have a different path for you that is not similar to theirs, but its always encouraging and inspiring to see how other people went from zero to hero by the grace of God.

8. Prayer is essential! Throughout the whole process don't forget to pray for God's anointing to be upon everything you do. If you're gonna sing songs, I'm sure you'll want your songs to deliver people from bondage and sin or to encourage those who are weak and so on. Without the anointing your songs will be just mere words - with no power...and what a shame that would be.
Also pray for favour, that God will lead you to the right people who will help you with your dream. And once you get to the top, please don't forget the One that got you there, for without God we can do nothing.

9. And finally Persist! Its not going to happen overnight. You will probably have to get immune to the word "NO". You're gonna have to develop a hard skin coz if you're too sensitive and take things personally you ain't gonna get anywhere. If someone says no, move onto the next. Don't ever give up. Disappointments will be many along the road, but hang in there.... You know Colonel Saunders, the founder of KFC had his recipe for chicken declined just over a 1 000 times by prospective business partners. But he kept trying. Now tell me, would you keep trying a thousand times like he did?

We all know about Martin Luther King Jr or at least we pretend Anyway this man was passionate about his dream to see an end to segregation in America. He led many a peaceful demonstrations and movements to further his cause. He also wrote books and gave money to help the civil rights movement. King was arrested more than twenty times and assaulted at least four times. His dream cost him his life eventually but I'm sure he's smiling as he looks upon his nation being governed by an African American.
Friend, if they could persevere till the end, so can you!

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