Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The ride of your Life!

Ever heard of the lad called Saul who fell off a horse? Well I'm not sure if he fell off his horse or what but we are told that he fell onto the ground and since he must have been travelling on a horse, I assume that he fell off his horse. Now that we have established that all important fact, lets move on. If you wanna check out the story you can find it in the Bible in Acts 9.

This brother was on his way to Damascus on an all important mission. It wasn't a good mission but to him it was something that needed to be done : Get all those pesky Christians and stick them in a prison. That will teach them to go around thinking they're better than everyone else.
I'm sure God was laughing at him and his puny efforts to wipe out of Christianity.
As it turns out God stopped him on the way and in an instant he became blind. Warning to all: Don't mess with God's never know what awaits you round the corner...
Realising his mistake he repentantly asked God, "Lord, what do you want me to do...?" But God chose not to tell him what was going to happen next. I guess this was his Faith Lesson 101.
Anyway luckily for him, God decided to use him for his own cause. But for 3 days he had to sit in darkness wondering what was going to happen next. Imagine how he must have felt? In Acts 9 verses 11 and 12 we find out that Saul was praying and had seen a vision. It must have been a frightening time for him and I'll bet he was thinking Lord I thought you said someone would come here and tell me what to do....when Lord, when?

To us Believers, there's something for us to learn here.... Before God uses us for something great, we're probably gonna have to sit in the dark for a while before something happens. Now the dark is a time when all is bleak and nothing is happening. I mean zilch! For Saul it was three days, for some it may be a month or one year, for others two. During this time we may get troubled, thinking ok God, nothing is happening but you said I should wait and it will happen....
It's not gonna be a peachy ride I can tell you that much...but hold on for the time will come, when just like Saul, the scales will be removed from your eyes and you will be able to see again.
God will show you and move you into the role and place where you will fulfil your destiny.
In Acts 9:20 Saul is preaching Christ to many and by verse 22 he's increasing in strength and confounding the Jews. This man went on to write most of the New Testament which has been read by millions all over the world. Now how's that for a great comeback!

Some of the people who saw him during his blind days might have thought, that's it...that's the end of him. But they were in a for a surprise, because God pulled him out when he knew that Saul was ready and turned him into a force to be reckoned with. If you find yourself experiencing the dark, get ready for all is not lost...God is getting you ready for the ride of your life!

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