Friday, 4 June 2010

To Daddy with love....

The 4th of June....I remember this day every year, like it was yesterday. I wish I had known that Friday when I visited you in hospital that it would be the last time I was talking to you...I would have stayed longer, I would have hugged you longer. I would have told you so many things...and asked for advice on so many issues...
Even though so many years have passed Daddy it still hurts to think that I will never see your face again, or see your smile or feel your encouraging hand on my shoulder. I don't know why you had to go so soon but I guess God knew how wonderful you were and He must have wanted to have some good company in heaven so He grabbed one of the best.
This weekend we're having a special celebration to honour your life. You hold a very dear place in our hearts and we want to dedicate this time to your special memory. We're gonna pray and sing and then eat and be merry... we know you would have wanted us to do just that....
There's so much that's happened. You missed both of my graduations but if you were looking down I'm sure you would have been proud as I graduated summa cum laude. Imagine that!
Guess what? I have started writing again .... I remember making you read every story I wrote when I was younger....thank you for encouraging me ... it will pay off someday I'm sure.
You won't believe how grown up little T is ... she's a grown into a wonderful girl and is on her way to Uni. Doc is doing well ... still trying to convince her to buy me a new car....
Your little boy (who's not so little now) is hitched to a lovely woman whom you would have loved and approved of. And you have two lovely grandchildren now ... both of whom bear an uncanny resemblance to you ... lol

Dad, I miss you so much, in fact we all do. Even though time has passed the pain lingers...

You will always remain in my heart forever.

My Hero

I love you

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