Thursday, 12 August 2010

Keeping a zip on my gob

Have you ever noticed how we seem to derive ounces of pleasure from things that aren't so good for us...?

Take the example of eating several big slices of cheesecake, chocolate cake or any other cake for that matter... it melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more...and if you aren't disciplined could eat the entire lot without any help from anyone. Momentary pleasure with dire consequences. A few months down the line and you begin to look and feel like a blob of cake...

Over the years I've noticed that talking is one of my greatest gifts. (and also undoubtedly one of my greatest flaws) I can talk for all England and even Africa for that matter. Those of you that know me personally will be able to relate to ke ke...

Talking in itself is not all bad but the problem is when one does talk a lot there is the possibility that it could land you in a bowl of hot soup!
Hence the warning from the bible that we should be slow to speak.

A few days ago I was complaining to a good friend of mine about how one particular woman did this and that. In fact someone else had also complained about this woman doing the same thing so I felt I was justified because this woman was doing a lot of wrong (in my eyes at least).
Before I even finished my complaining, my dear friend said to me, "Would you tell this woman what she is doing wrong to her face?"
"No, I don't think so," I replied.
"Well maybe you shouldn't be talking about her then. What good is it to keep criticising her, if you're not willing to tell her?"
At that point I realised that God had used this friend to check me and my attitude. I thank God for friends like him because he loves me enough to tell me the truth. I felt so bad because I knew deep down I had no business to be talking negatively about somebody in that way. I asked God to help me stop acting in that way. On reflection, what I should have done instead is to keep my mouth shut about it and pray for God to help that woman to change.

I remembered how God had dealt with me about this issue before and for a while I had refrained from such behaviour but after a while I would slip back into complaining and criticising people or sharing juicy stories about other people's lives. And I know I'm not alone on this's so easy to do it but oh how it breaks our Father's heart. I thank God that I can sense His conviction because at least I can recognise that I have done wrong and correct the situation.

The book of James says that we should watch our tongue and make sure that every thing that comes out of our mouth is a blessing to those that are listening.

Its so easy to talk about people, their weaknesses and imperfections....
How many times have you heard things like:
"Did you see what she was wearing?"
"Yeah, it was disgusting."
"Did you hear that so and so is pregnant?"
"No way!"

As with everything in life, we can never reach perfection; all we can do is to strive towards it, one day at a time. If we do this, with each day we will be a step closer to being worthy vessels for God. We will be better than we were the day before.
I pray that God will help me to do right by Him and may He do the same for you.


  1. Love your blog .. keep it coming at us ...

    Do you have a book?

  2. Thanks for your comment Tribe.

    The book is coming ... stay tuned :-)


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