Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus...

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus: Why, oh why would anyone make such a comparison? Me wonders.

Where they in any way likening  the female and male genders to the green big headed creatures that we see in every Hollywood adaptation of Alien movies? I hope not, with a head that big it would be hard to get a weave that would fit well. And us ladies know that wouldn't work now would it?

I've always wondered about this as I was growing up and as the years went by in my interactions with my many male and female friends the truth of this statement began to emerge. Men and women ....are so so different.... and I'm not just talking about physical looks here..

Women love to yap yap, men don't.
I think every woman I know can talk for all England, including yours truly... (I'm certainly gifted in this area...and I don't need batteries to get me started...)
Men on the other hand love to give a summary of everything, a one liner will do the trick and then they shut up. (Well someone has to or else the women wouldn't be able to get their talk on...)
Here's a conversation I had with a male friend, "How was that wedding you went to?"
"It was alright."
When I've asked a female friend the same question, she said, "It was really good. Their colour theme was gold and cream. The bridesmaids had gold dresses and shoes. They had lovely flowers and balloons everywhere and the most beautiful glass centrepieces. As for the bride's dress, it was really lovely. It was a strapless ivory Alfred Angelo dress with diamante detail at the top and back...blah blah blah " I'm sure you get the picture!

Women also love to shop. Men generally don't. (They may be exceptions of course) Yes, girls you know we love us some retail therapy... for clothes, shoes, handbags, food, house stuff...u name it, we'll buy it. Especially if we see that big magic word SALE. All logic flows out of the window...
A woman can easily spend hundreds of pounds on shoes and clothes after a full day's shopping. Men generally shop for an hour or less and then they get bored. Even when they are shopping for technical gadgets  men will tend to take shorter periods of time as compared to women.

Women are generally safe drivers but they can't park to save their lives. (Oops did I just say that...?) Its true though, so may times I've gotten so impatient with women taking ages to park whilst I'm waiting to leave a car park. So annoying sometimes.
(I have to add parking is one of my greatest talents so if you need lessons you know who to speak to.)

Men love to channel surf and dominate the TV remote
There's a saying I invented, never come between a man and his remote. Men love to have full control of the remote (most anyway) and then when the adverts come, they love to do this thing of flipping from one channel to the other to see what else is on. Grrrr...
Women normally find a channel and they stick with it until whatever they are watching finishes.

Men love sports, sci fi and the tech gadgets shows. Women love soaps and chick stuff...you know the romantic, soapy , mushy stuff that gets us all emotional and then the tears start rolling...

Getting out of the house 
When men say they are ready, it means they are ready but when women say they are ready it means they're almost done as soon as they find their handbag, the right earrings and finish fixing their hair.
So in actual fact when a woman says give me 5 mins she probably means 25 mins.

Men say they don't get us and I guess we tend to think they don't just get it. Who knows someday we may reach a place where men may have a special enlightenment about the complexities that make up their feminine counterparts.

I guess the thing that makes life so interesting is the fact that we're all different. Imagine how boring it would be if we all talked the same, liked the same things and everything was predictable and constant.
Life would be a complete yawn. Thank God for our unique female nature...and certainly thank God for our macho men...what a weird and deprived place this world would be without them.


  1. interesting ...allow me to brag, I park like a pro , in the strangest and narrowest of places ! ...and when I say 5 min I mean 5 ! i probably have my roots in Mars LOL !

  2. LOL...good to know that there is another woman who can park like a pro, other than myself...he he he
    Enuff respect if your 5 mins means 5 minutes...I need lessons on that one.

  3. Your women spiel has completely defined me to a T. Yes, I'm not very good at parking...In fact, I get tired of trying sometimes and leave the car slanted...

    haha...did it once at a store and a guy called me back to tell me I didn't park well..."uhmmm...sweetie, I know, r u the parking police?"...(but obviously I smiled and thanked...)

  4. LOL....H don't worry too much about it, so many women have the same problem...:)


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