Monday, 23 August 2010

Let him go!

He says he's a Christian just like you but he never goes to church, swears more than Gordon Ramsey and thinks the "Twelve Disciples" are a rock band.

You say it's ok, he'll learn and change.

He promises to call but he doesn't, he shrugs it off and says he forgot.

You smile and say its ok.

He says he's going to come over, he doesn't and he gives you some feeble excuse.

You smile again and say ok.

His phone rings non stop when you're with him. Its always some girl or the other,

You ask, he says its his sister, his cousin and even his mother.

Ok, you say.

He slaps you occassionally, you take it, it has become the norm to you.

You think its because he loves you

...we correct those we love don't we...not in this case baby girl.

He always asks for money from you all the time and drives your car all over town, he can't keep a job,

You make excuses for him, he's still trying to find himself.

He's not interested in you other than for the physical reasons,

but you say it's ok, someday he'll fall in love with the real you.

He hurts you over and over again

But try as you might you can't leave.

You love him, or so you think.

You're afraid of being alone,

Unwanted, rejected, battered

Don't fool yourself girl, he ain't worth it.

Look in the mirror, you're fearfully and wonderfully made,

Don't settle for less,

Walk away... 

You're a Diamond, worth far beyond rubies, special and unique, a cut above the rest.   

Listen to me, sweet one,

Wait for the One,

Yes, the one who knows your worth,

The one who will treat you like the jewel you are

Shine on, sweet Diamond, shine on.

This one is for my sisters who are in dating relationships and deep down know that the men in their lives have gots to go!


  1. Ur right once had a dude like date my goodness and now i think how stupid i was....but the good thing is u always learn from your mistakes...thanx gospel girly for reminding me what i truly am worth

  2. You're welcome.
    And you're right we do sometimes learn from our mistakes...I'm sure many more people can relate.
    Always remember you are indeed a precious Diamond. :-)


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