Thursday, 25 November 2010

Gobble till you Wobble...

Even though we don't officially celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK and even though I do give thanks every living day of my life, I'm gonna use this day to just give props to my heavenly Father and a few other peeps.

Thanks to the Lord above for
my mum who is a beautiful and special Queen even though she doesn't live in Buckingham palace;
my loving family and friends, I love 'em all dearly, especially my best friend who has made life such a joy...u know yourself, mwaah.

Thank u Lord for answering my biggest prayer request which I had on my heart for the last three could have granted my request ages ago, but you chose to make me wait and I thank you for that wait because I grew and became strong through all the tears, the questions I lobbied at you and the tantrums I made you put up At the end of it all so many wonderful things were birthed in my life, one of which was this blog...

Talking about the blog, I wanna say a big shout out and thank you to all of you my wonderful blog readers, for taking time to come and read the rants and musings in my corner and I hope something has at some point blessed you, touched your heart or made you laugh, at the every least.

Special thank you to Mbini who was the first person to break the ice and comment on this blog, thanks for that first ever comment you made and all your wonderful comments that keep coming. Also a big thank you to the following blogger babes: Rainjoy, Blessing, Maid of Heart, Miss Drammani and Mbini for being the Top 5 peeps that have commented on my blog on a regular basis. U guys rock mhen!

I'm also grateful to the following people for taking time to read my blog and commenting as well:  

Sulthana, Jaycee, TriBe, Waiki, Irene U, Patience, Simingaphi, Tamika,  Olufemi, Cathy, Busi K, Michelle C,  Treasured1, Favoured Girl, Amy S, Douglas D, Laura,  Shawn, Tisha, Sithenjisiwe, blackgold, Chido, Able Abe, doll,  Braids, Patrina, ChizzyD, oluSimeon, Seshe J and all the various Anonymous peeps. Keep showing the love guys. xoxo

Even if you have never commented...I suppose your "silence is golden", but seriously thank you for stopping by as well... Also last but not the least, thanks to Opeyemi for the tips you gave me and Mugove for your support with the whole blogging experience.

 Till the next blog post, happy thanksgiving y'all, especially my frenz Americana across the pond...


P.S Due to other commitments I may not be able to blog regularly for a while but do come and indulge in all the previous great posts until I make a proper comeback.


  1. ... and thanx to you for sharing your blog and for taking your time writing all these interesting matters. May God bless you and happy thanks giving to you too.

  2. Thanx Simi and u're welcome gal. x

  3. Blessed Thanks giving to you, every day. Thanks girl. LOVE your writing. And glad that your prayer is answered.He is that FAITHFUL!

  4. awww, im glad i came across your blog. I had been blogging for awhile now(, then i took a break b/c of serious commitments, but i came back recently and created a new blog. i look forward to reading more from your blog.

  5. Thanks gals. Look forward to happy days ahead in Blogville x

  6. thnx sis promise 2 support u even u

  7. my dear, its an honour to read your blog... am glad our paths crossed on blogsville and believe me when i say you have been a blessing (wink wink) !

    i pray God will continue to use you to be a vessel that inspires and encourages people within and out of blogsville.


  8. Aaaaw guys u getting me all emotional
    Miss RJ u have been a blessing to me as well, am so glad that our paths crossed on Blogsville, take care and enjoy your week. x
    Cathy thanks hun & I luv u's good to always know u have my back babes. xoxo

  9. thanx gospel girl for bringing some colour to my world


  10. In the same spirit of thanksgiving, I would like to thank you for the wonderful things I have read on your blogs.....and to be frank, you have no idea of what I have benefited from your blogs...thanks, and may the ink never runs out.

  11. Thanks u guys. Praise be to God for all the wonderful things He has done.

  12. Blessings....

    Nice post.
    Love the title "Gobble till you Wobble"

  13. Awww...i love ur blog! And I thank God for giving you a testimonu (that was very encouraging btw)...I've thrown tantrums, cried, mumbled and complained about a certain something and that just encouraged me to hold on! I don't know about 3 years tho...that's a long thing! lol

    And I sure did gobble till I wobble *hides face in shame* lol

  14. @Rhapsody, thanks for stopping by and your lovely compliments.

    @Blessing, thank u for being a your name implies,lol. Is that your real name or blogging name?
    The 3 year wait was hard sometimes but God gives you the grace to go thru it.
    My dear, you're not the only one who's hiding in shame, my so called healthy eating habits flew out of the window over the last few

  15. Love you blog. Thanks for sharing.


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