Friday, 5 November 2010

It ain't over till the Fat Lady sings...

Red leaves, yellow leaves, orange and lots of brown ones too mixed with the refreshing green of the tender grass. That was the sight that greeted me as I walked into the park the other day. I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty that stood before me.

For a minute I stopped thinking about all the stuff I needed to get done, the things I wished I had or the pressures coming from different arenas of life. I sighed, took a deep breathe and just paused to take in the moment. I wished I had a camera so that I could capture that moment, when nothing else seemed to matter but the tranquility of being in a place where the surroundings reminded me of the goodness and magnificence of my Maker.

Life has a way of knocking you down sometimes and you think back to the time you were a child when everything seemed to be alright and if you had a problem you knew your dad or the school teacher could fix it somehow. No one placed great expectations on you other than getting reasonably good grades, no one expected you to be responsible for too much.

Enter the later years of life, rejection letters, disappointing emails, demands, work or the lack of it, dreams you reach for that sometimes seem out of your grasp, making it in a world recovering from recession, being a good Christian in a society whose values are upside down. It ain't easy, no sir, it takes tenacity, perseverance and the ability to lean on God like never before.

In such times I retreat to the rock that is higher than I and seek wisdom, strength and encouragement. He makes me to lie down in Pastures Green and sometimes when I lie there I don't want to get up and go back to facing the real world.

But get up I must at some point. He has given us grace to go through all things. His grace is more than sufficient. Set backs may come and obstacles will be many on the road that leads to destiny. But His word is true, He cannot lie, trust Him. Remember the things He has whispered to you in the secret place and may they remind us of why we started this journey and carry us to the place that our hearts yearn for.

Be blessed,


  1. AMEN!!! May God be our strength when we're weak and see us through the rough times!

  2. Yes, He has given us the grace to "get up again" and to be everything that He has called us to be. When things don't go as we expect, you're right, we only need to retreat to the Rock higher than us.

  3. am so grateful that God will not let us go through things that will be to overwhelming for us that it will cause us to give up on life. thank God for grace and d ability to endure.

    am loving your new template.
    enjoy the weekend

  4. Seasons of change...and God is there all through out. xx


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