Friday, 12 November 2010

Mingling with the Rich and Famous... (I wish)

Hello peeps, hope you've been cool. You know what, I never did get round to telling you something interesting that happened about three weeks ago.

Deitrick Haddon (the American Gospel sensation for those who may not have a clue who he was in London at the end of October and he came to do a concert in my church. The last bit is the most interesting but as a woman (we love explaining everything) let me tell you the whole story. Right, since I was so excited, I got there nice and early so that I could get a great seat and I'm pleased to say that I did get a fantastic seat by the aisle so that I could get my dance on. Yes I'd like to think that I am a good dancer, I reckon I have better moves than Paula Abdul and Michael ke ke. No eye rolling please, I can dance. Anyways, for the first part of the concert I was at the door greeting people as they came into church coz that's one of my ministries in church. Yeah, I figured with the kind of dazzling smile that I have, the Greeters ministry was made for me. lol

Then when people stopped trickling in, I went into church to enjoy the concert. The supporting acts were great. MOBO award winning UK gospel artist Guvna B opened with a couple of tracks and got people on their feet. He's a talented bro and definitely going places. Then our very own UK gospel version of Beyonce took the stage, the fabulous Rachel Kerr. She stormed the place up with some up tempo tracks...

Then came the moment that we'd all waited for, Deitrick Haddon took centre stage and rocked the house. Wooah I was too excited and busy taking pictures, I even forgot to dance for a while. Then I put the camera in my bag and started dancing like David did in the bible. I didn't shake what my mama gave me seeing as I am a Spirit filled sister and all and also we were in church. But I tell you I did do a lot of dancing. All good things come to an end and before we knew it the concert had ended with an altar call.

As we left to go home, some peeps milled about in the foyer buying Deitrick's Cd's and DVDs. I didn't have any cash on me so I took a rain cheque. Then Deitrick came out from backstage and I walked up to him tentatively not sure what to say or do. I mean how is one supposed to act? Do you grin or wave? Reach out your hand? Bow? (ok maybe not the last one) but it's one of those situations where you wanna make contact but not sure how to do it. So I kinda grinned, smiled and mumbled something which didn't seem intelligible...Anyway he shook my hand, smiled and said hie back. I know he said one or two other things to me but I was too excited to remember what he even said sha.

Some blessed folk managed to get their new merchandise autographed by the man himself. That's when I started edging closer to the guy so that I could ask him if I could take a photo with him. Everyone else seemed to have similar ideas Anyway to cut a long story short I asked him and I did manage to take a picture with him, in fact not one but three. The guy is so friendly, passionate for God and down to earth...Damita Haddon (wifey) is surely a blessed woman.

I have to say that before all this I was wondering whether I should take the picture because I didn't look my best. I was having a bad hair day and after all the dancing and sweating my make up wasn't that great. So I was faced with a dilemma, go to the bathroom and fix up and possibly miss seeing Deitrick OR take the picture in my not so fabulous state. I opted for option 2. I wanted to share the photo with you guys but reputation is at stake here so I'll have to

So now I'm working on my photoshop skills so that I can digitally enhance the photo I took with Deitrick, so until then all I can leave you with is this piece of advice, like the Girl Guides always say, "Be Prepared" coz you never know what is going to happen. :-)

All the above photos are copyrighted by me. © 2010 PCJ

Have a fab weekend!


  1. You'd better post that photo!!!! I wanna see it :-D what a fantastic experience, I would LOVE to meet him. He's replied to a few of my tweets before *insert smug face*. Oh and LOOOL @ "I didn't shake what my mama gave me seeing as I am a Spirit filled sister and all and also we were in church."

  2. was a great experience...

  3. I was getting excited, hoping to see the pic of u and him at the end of the post!!! lol

    What a wonderful experience...lucky u!

  4. LOL ... maybe after the photoshop I may share hun...

  5. awwww, glad you had a wonderful time dancing and praising God..

    i saw Deitrick last year at KICC concert but i didn't get a chance to take a picture of him or with him. so, pls upload the pix abeg ooo after you've digitally enhanced the pix,lol

    hv a lovely wkend


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