Friday, 9 July 2010

One size fits all...u sure about that?

I looooove summer...and if you have any doubts about the matter just read the letter I wrote to summer in one of my June point is I love summer with a passion. Having said that, I also have to add that I'm so into summer dresses, short, long and all the in between... I love 'em all. So I decided this summer to get a maxi add to my small but respectable collection.

Well to my utter dismay as I was rummaging in a few shops I was annoyed to see that a lot of the maxi dresses were one size fits all. My foot...! How can one size fit all? I mean have these people taken a look at the diverse ladies in our lovely population? You have the tiny petite size zeros who look like they will shrink and disappear any minute. Then you have the super size big ladies, who if they cuddled you, you would disappear in the mound of flesh. Then you have all those in between.... No disrespect meant to anyone. I love everyone big and small... :-)

The worst part is the length, some of the dresses are far too short for people like me, the dress ends up above the ankles instead of being very long and flowing. Ugghh...
Some shops do have sizes to them for that. So you find the likes of small, medium and large and a few have sizes 8,10,12 and so on. But as we all know size 12 and 14 disappear faster than any other sizes even though the average UK size is a 16. (yeah believe it or not its jumped from 14 which used to be the average size in 2000)
I think that some of the designers and tailors must be blind or plain lazy to be making these "one size" maxi dresses. Yeah I reckon they're too lazy to take different measurements and make different sizes. I mean c'mon, one size fits all...???!! Even Paul Matavire Dr Love, could have made better judgements on this issue...

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