Monday, 13 September 2010

Knock, Knock...will you open?

Lately I've had a strong feeling upon my heart that God really wants us to draw nearer to Him than ever before.
Hence I wrote the post "I will make Time"and "The Master's Visitors" to remind myself and others that God longs for us to spend time with Him and become his closest friends.

Now if you've ever used Facebook you will understand the next few things I'm gonna talk about, if you haven't used Facebook don't despair, just flow with me... :-)

God is sending us a special friend request and its up to us to accept it or ignore.

He has created many events for which we are invited, the best of all being eternity with Him in Heaven.

He will send us many gifts over the period of our lifetime, not mere things like virtual flowers and jewellery
but peace and joy that will carry us during the during the challenging times.

He will never block us or remove us from His friend list.

He's the creator of a massive Group,
Have you joined his group of believers who meet occassionally to fellowship, pray and encourage one another?

Join his fan page by clicking on "Like" but don't be like those who disappear and never visit the page again after that. Be a regular and active group member in his Kingdom.

Friendship with Him doesn't just mean, having Him there in the distance as someone we can run to when things go pear shaped.
No, God wants to be involved in every area of our lives. He wants us to share our joys with Him, to talk to Him at the beginning and the end of our day and also whenever we have a chance in between.
He wants us to ask His opinion on everything small and big.

Spend time praying!
Read the bible, not just two or three scriptures here and there when you get the chance but really take time to get into the word.
There are times when reading the bible seems like a chore and you don't feel like doing it, I know coz I've been there. Ask God to help you enjoy and have an appetite for the Word. Ask Him to help you understand and receive revelation so that you can see how what you read applies to your own life.

Sing to Him as often as you can. Sing songs of adoration, song of praise;
It doesn't matter whether you have a voice as bad as the Jedward brothers, sing nonetheless,
Let's tell Him how much we love Him, Let's tell Him how good He is...
I pray that as we draw nearer to the end of this year we shall move into a close, loving and heartfelt relationship with our Father. He's knocking at the door of our hearts, will you heed His call and open...???

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