Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Pinch of Salt

Have you ever tried to use an appliance or piece of equipment and it didn't work?  I remember my frustration about two years ago when my almost brand new TV suddenly stopped working. I tried everything including banging it with my hands to no avail. The expensive top of the range TV had ceased to do it's job.

The bible says that we are the "Salt of the Earth". Think about this for a minute. When you add salt to any food say chicken for instance, the taste of the food changes. The salt adds a lovely flavour, without which, the chicken would be bland.

That means wherever we go, whatever we are doing, as Believers we have to be changing the environment around us just like the salt changes the food its added to. Our environment should be better because of us. If we are not affecting the world around us that means that we have lost our purpose and as Jesus says, "...that salt is good for nothing but to be thrown out..." Matthew 5:13 We will become like the TV I bought which stopped working and had to be thrown away.

How then do we enhance our environment? What are we supposed to be doing to add our saltiness to the Earth?

I believe that we are supposed to first of all demonstrate our love for God by loving other people. This can be through doing good for others whenever we get the chance, a helping hand here and there, a prayer for someone, a word of encouragement and so on.

The second way we can affect our world is by doing all things, for example our job, our ministry, to the best of our ability so that God's name can be glorified. Imagine if you serve in the Media team in church and you're constantly late and there's only one person serving instead of two. It may have an impact on the sermon CD production or the TV broadcast and it could give a bad name to the church.

Thirdly I believe that we can enhance our environment by sharing the gospel with unbelievers, we will ultimately play a role in changing their lives and henceforth change our environment. So when was the last time you witnessed to someone and told them about God's love or Christ's work on the cross?
Don't kick yourself if you haven't done so in a while. Dust yourself up and get going. There's many out there who are looking for answers and the good news is, we have the answer. Lets spread the love and share the message of the Cross with all.


  1. Hey!
    Just stopped over from HCB and so glad I did. Love, love the salt pictures. What a perfect fit for you post. Looking forward to reading more from you!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amy. Glad you liked it. :-)

  3. Many times, our characters and how we accomplish daily events, serve as light and salt. Most times, our lives become epistles by which others read the bible. In fact, it is the strongest way of spreading the gospel.

    Deep post. Thanks for sharing, GG.

  4. Our lives are indeed the loudest sermon...we can only pray that we are acting out what we are preaching with our own lives. Thanks 4 yo comment Jaycee. :-)

  5. thanks for reminding me that i am the salt of the earth but you didn't just stop there, you went ahead to list the ways i can enhance my environment... at the end of each day 'Let God be M.A.G.N.I.F.I.E.D'

    thanx 4 sharing
    how are you ?

  6. Thanks Rainjoy. I'm doing fine, how are you....?
    I'm still thinking about what you said, "This is the day .... and we will rejoice in it."


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