Friday, 3 September 2010

The power of the gloss

I glossed my lips with my favourite shade,

Next came the powder and eye shadow in pastels,

Jewellery, Sensible heels and Clucth bag to complete the look,

I smell like an "Angel" thanks to Thiery Mugler.

One glance in the mirror told me, I was ready to go

Transformed and zangy, a Fashionista I became.

Out the door towards the car,

Spring in my step, a little swagger,

I press my lips together for the lipgloss to set

Little do I anticipate what will happen next.

The poor tiny insect didn't see it coming either

As he landed on my lips and got stuck in the gloss

Not sure if he drowned or got knocked in the crash,

I wipe off the small lifeless creature

Sad that I had played a part in it's demise.

Poor thing must've been thinking

Why, oh woman did you have to gloss so much?

You trapped me on your lips

And now my dinner I will miss.


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