Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fierce, Fabulous and Fifteen again....

I love Birthdays.
Cake, dancing and all that jazz, presents...(believe it or not at my age, which we will not discuss here, I still enjoy hearing the paper rip as I open pressies).

Anyway today happens to be my bufffday ... so no writing today, I'm gonna be too busy pampering myself and getting spoilt by all the special people in my life.

I promise to have fun and yes...eat some cake on your behalf as well. Ke ke ke.

For all those wondering...my top 5 wish list...

1. A Mini Convertible. Silver and black or cream and black. I guess I'll have to wait until next year to have the top down coz it's oh so chilly now...urggh.

2. A ticket for a holiday in Hawaii. Ok ok...I can even settle for Paris considering these are hard times...

3. A publishing contract with Tyndale.

4. Lunch with Francine Rivers (author of Redeeming Love). There's so much I could learn from her about writing Christian Fiction.

5.  Winter is almost upon us so ... A new fab, black coat size 12, red or fuschia scarf, black jeans ... size err... we wont go there for now and black or tan boots size 7 (low heel) P.S All UK sizes. :-)

Anyway gonna get started on my nails and hair now. A girl has got to look extra good on a day like this. Oh by the way, did I tell you I have red hair at the moment...? Yeah I do...lol

Will let you know how things go today...till then...

Have a great day; I know I will. :-)


  1. Happy Bday missy!!! Wish u many to more come! Enjoy ur day with ur ravishing red hair!

    I'm feeling ur wish list o!

    How does it feel to be 15 again??? lol

  2. Aaaaw thanks babes...

    It sure feels great to be 15 again...lol.

  3. sorry am late, hope you had a wondaful day !!!

    Happy belated Bufday !

    "the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrows"(prov 12:2) i would like to add that 'rich' in this context does not necessarily refer to money but enrichment of joy, laughter, peace and so many other things money cannot buy.

    your wish list no bad ooo, lol
    have a beautiful week..
    God bless you

  4. hApPy BiRthdAy GirL... everything starts with a wish/dream and then becomes a reality; yours is on the way. Remain Blessed girl!

  5. Thanks Irene...I receive it! :)

  6. Thanks Shawn. Thanks for stopping by.


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