Friday, 15 October 2010

Heavenly Bodyguards

The other night, my friend and I were driving home after attending a birthday party. Then we heard police sirens wailing in the distance. My friend and I slowed down trying to decide where the sirens were coming from in case he needed to give way to them.

As we approached an intersection, the traffic light turned green and our car headed towards the intersection. Then out of the blue, a speeding car coming from the other side of the intersection wheezed past going through the red traffic light on their side, even though we had right of way since the traffic light was green for us.

My friend who was driving hit the brakes hard and we watched as the car drove past followed closely by two police cars with blaring sirens. We started commenting about how stupid that driver had been going through a red light and how that could have turned into a potentially dangerous situation if we had driven a few metres ahead.

Then we realised that God had just saved us from what could have been a disaster. I remembered Psalm 91 and how it talked about God's protection over our lives. My friend and I started praising God for His protection and deliverance from harm.

God has promised to keep us safe and give His angels charge over us Psalm 91:11. (which I think is really cool. It's kind of like being a celebrity and having bodyguards)

As we go out daily, let us pray and ask for God's covering over our lives, our families and friends.

Stay safe y'all!


  1. Seriously, these bodyguards never sleep nor slumber. We are so blessed. Beyond measure.

  2. He that keepeth Isreal will not slumber or sleep

  3. You guys are right. He will continually watch over us...

  4. Thank God for his protection! God is goooood!

  5. Amen. He is good all the time...


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