Thursday, 21 October 2010

Will you be deceived?

I am the one who makes you itch until you've shared that juicy bit of news,

Even though you know you're not supposed to tell.

I am the one who makes you beat your wife down,

Even though she's three months pregnant and helpless.

I am the one who encourages you to harm your body

by inhaling substances that will make you lose control.

I am the one who will make you take another man's wife as your own,

whilst your own wife sits at home.

I am the one who will say its OK when you take thousands of pounds

from the company account to finance your new car.

I am the one who will make you hoard riches for yourself,

when many are in need worldwide.

I am the one who makes you harbour resentment and not forgive

the people that wronged you several months ago.

I'm the one who makes you use %&*% profanity and tell crude jokes,

even though you know it's not morally right.

I approach but you cannot see me,

I give you a dose of deception

and you fall for it.

All I do is plant a little thought in your mind,

the rest is up to you.

Will you entertain the thought or get rid of it?

You can duck and hide but I will find you.

Only those whose minds are renewed,

and filled with His powerful Word,

have any hope of ever defeating me.

Who am I?

You may ask.

I am


Be blessed,


  1. he sure does look scary and ugly...sin. Thanks for the complimrnt you left in my blog.
    Love you.

  2. Just one little thought can invoke a million damages. Thanks for sharing, Gospel Girl :)

  3. Yes and that's why it's so important to guard our hearts and minds.
    You're welcome Jaycee and thanks for stopping by. x


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