Thursday, 28 October 2010

Is This the Love of My Life?

People desire a lot of things in life. You know happiness, cheddar, good health, fame, fancy house and car, children and a whole lot more. But I believe that above all people want to have good relationships with people, be it family, friends or that special someone who completes you. Yup, I've concluded that everybody wants someone to love and someone who will love them back.

If you know of anyone out there that doesn't want this, bring them to my church and my Pastor can pray for them to be delivered them from the spirit of lying coz I think everyone wants this deep down whether they will admit it or not.

Now some have found that special someone, good for you, hope you are happy with your choice and have lots of kids and grand kids and live happily ever after. I have much love for married folk. Marriage is a big thing and many are running from it every year but for you to have lasted all these years, I salute you and say well done.

Anyway some have found a potential who they are still evaluating and getting to know and of course praying about. However some are still searching like China Black sang about back in the 90s.(BTW that was one cool tune).

So then if you've been searching and then you meet someone and you think they're ayait.

What do you do?

I guess if you're a guy, it's a lot easier. You could approach Sister X and say "Wassup?" Maybe strike up and conversation and find out a little about them. This conversation could reveal a bit of info which could help you determine whether or not you might wanna get to know them more and go on a date or maybe just drop the whole thing.

For the sisters, it may be a bit more complicated to just walk up to a guy and start chatting him up. I'm not saying it can't be done or is outright impossible but I know some sisters are not comfortable with this kind of approach from a Christian point of view.

So then which leads me to ask, would it be ok for the sisters to approach guys or ask them on a date? Or should a sister "suffer in silence" and wait for the brother to make a move? What if he never makes a move, do you then just move on and wait for the next guy?

Hhhh mmmm ..... any thoughts?

Be blessed,


  1. I think that a sister should wait for a brother to approach them. Guys like to chase females and if you approach them first, they kind feel like they lost their "power" and they'll loose interest b4 u know it...
    Take a look at my recent post

  2. I agree with definitely enjoy the whole hunting game and it's nice as well for the lady to know that a guy likes you enough to come after you...pursue you and woo you.

    I wrote this coz I'm curious to know what people think and why because I've heard so many differing views lately.

  3. I like the question you raised here.

    I agree with blessing. Men are wired to be the hunter not the hunted. The ideal really is for a girl/woman to keep herself busy knowing and serving the Lord and she won't have time for anything else until the right time.

  4. A wise person once told me that we should leave the guys to do the hunting ...why ? because in the bible it says Jesus loved us first before we even knew him ,he gave his life for us , and you know know marriage is a symbol of our relationship with christ ,Jesus being the groom and the church being the bride .The church never went to look for Jesus He found us , he loved us first .(Eph)Therefore i believe women should not make the first move simply because its the man's job to do so . Most men say they find it a bit scary when women approach them first . So I would do it the bible's way.

  5. Thanks for sharing your comments.
    @Maid of Heart, I like the way you put it that ladies should busy themselves in the things of the Lord till Mr Right find them. Amen.
    @Chido, wise words indeed. I like the example comparing Jesus and the church to the man/woman relationship.

    I hope your views will help anyone who may be unsure about what to do in such a situation.

    Bless u all. x

  6. There is a danger that if you are so far removed from it (by ignoring this situation completely and hoping the right person approaches you when the time is right) you will waiting a long time.

    I think yes girls shouldn't be so in your face, but at the same time they shouldn't hide themselves either, because let's face it, what are the chances of Prince Charming knocking on your door asking if you're available? He needs to see you out and about to notice you in order to make a move

    Not sure if I've gone on a tangent lol.

    Like the post Penelope. It's a question that will get different viewpoints because everyone has a different idea and different comfort threshold. :)

  7. Thanks for your sharing Sulthana. It's good to get views from all angles so that we can all learn something from each other.

    You're right people should not hide under the covers and hope that a guy will come searching high and low for them.
    I think there's a good balance that one needs to strike here.
    So yes go out, socialise...get yourself in a place where you'll be noticed (in a good way of course) but I think ultimately leave the guy to initiate things as far as starting a solid relatioship is concerned. Because like Blessing said, most guys lose interest very quickly once you jump the gun and start running ahead of them.


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