Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A thin line between love and hate

She comes in with a big smile, puts her handbag and laptop on the table and gives him a kiss. He's sitting on the couch watching the NEWS. He's still wearing his tie and his suit jacket is dangling from the sofa where he threw it.

She: Babe, guess what? I was voted Executive of the Year.

He: (with little enthusiasm) That's good.

She: (slightly disappointed) So that was my big news. Anyway how was your day? You ok?

He: I'm ok, but a bit tired and my neck feels a little stiff.

She: Aaaw come here babe and I'll give you a neck massage.

He: Maybe later, thanks. What's for dinner?

She: Err not sure babe, I'm a bit tired, thought maybe we could get chinese or something?

He: Chinese? Uggh. I was hoping we'd have one of your nice home made dinners.

She frowns slightly.

She: I would've loved to make something babe, but I have loads of assignments that I have to hand in by Friday.

He makes a face. She wants to ignore it but she can't.

She: Babe I wish you would be a bit more understanding.

He: I'm trying but it seems like the MBA is now more important than me.

She: How can you say that? I cooked yesterday and the day before that. I wash, clean and iron three times a week after a hard day at work. I'm trying my best here and besides I only have three more months to go then I will be finished with the course.

He: I'll be glad when it's all over.

She crosses her arms and looks him in the eye

She: If you're not happy with the status quo, then maybe you should think about helping out a little. Don't just complain, do something about it!

He: Just forget it.

He gets up and logs onto his Facebook account.

She: Forget it huh, we'll see about that.

She watches as he fiddles about with it. Then out of the corner of her eye she sees something on his wall.

She: Whos' Davina?

He: An old school mate.

She: Why is she putting xxx on your facebook wall?

He: It says Hope you're well xxx.

She: Same thing. And what does x stand for in this case?

He: Look, I don't know why she put that there.

She: Are you seeing her?

He: Oh my gosh, of course not! I haven't seen her since I left High school 15 years ago.

She: So she doesn't mean anything to you?

He: No.

She: Ok, so delete her from your friend list then.

He: Why?

She: You said she doesn't mean anything to you, so delete her.

He: My goodness...she's just a friend.

She: So you're not gonna delete her? I'm gonna call Pastor now and book a conselling appointment for us.

He: Why do we have to start involving other people in this?

She: It's your call. Delete her and we sort this out ourselves or if we can't then we seek help...

What do you think he should do? 

Relationships are funny like that. One minute everything is all dandy then the next minute it's fireworks all round. The words we speak have an effect on those listening, so watch what you say! Lend a helping hand whenever you can. Treat others with kindness, patience, respect and understanding. It will go a long way in enriching your relationships.

Be blessed,


  1. Hmm, that's a tricky one. The man is obviously distracted and something is wrong somewhere. I'm wondering if he was in full support of her signing up for the MBA. I think at some point they would both need counselling but in my honest opinion, she needs to be wise, refrain from such outbursts and be prayerful.

    Is this fiction? So true to life though.

  2. It is tricky I agree.

    Yes it is fiction...but I realise that these things happen all the time to people and I think we can all learn so much from each other and by watching or reading mock represantations of life situations. I think sometimes it may help us see ourselves in a different light.

  3. hi Gospel girl,
    me i think it all boils down to trust, why should he delete a friend simply because she said so. Looks like she's got some insecurity problems because even if he deletes d friend, am sure he will find another way to contact her.
    i don't see the need for counselling.

    its funny how the love just died down within minutes.

    nice write up, got me thinking.

  4. This seems so real!
    The truth is that men and women are different, we communicate and interpet things differently. Each relationship is different and couples should learn how to communicate effectively with one another.

    Its tricky as Maid of Heart said...thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Thanks Rainjoy for sharing your thoughts. Love is a lovely thing hey but like you said it requires trust for it to work.

  6. You're welcome Blessing. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  7. Life is like that for sure. What I cant stand is men who dont help. I dont think I would last in a relationship where I have to baby another grown up. Those days are dead and burried.

    No wonder the poor woman jumps into such conclusions. She is just too tired/ unappreciated/ abused. Nice story Chi.

  8. Thanks Mbini. I feel you though, men do need to help if the situation calls for it and I think most men nowadays will often do so but I guess it's about communication and doing whatever is necessary to keep the love going.


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